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What disappears for And, B, In? Az God Vedayu.

of the Legend, narrations, were, chronicles informed us of data on uniform language of chelovek which was then it is separated it is remade, broken into many splinters and crocks. These parts began to be called as national languages and adverbs. Only the essence at them is uniform.

1. One = Is uniform;

Eden = we go = the person (in Slavic languages); (The Eden-??)

Dan = the person (across Bretanski); Edie`s

= the husband (across Tunguzski);

Turns out that a word meaning one (is uniform), this is the person.

2. Two = a dva, a djva (= the star, the maiden) = Deus, God, (on - Latin);

Two = god, star or maiden.

3. Rub = tjr = Teri. From there is a third. Rubs - = it is grated-. There is in our language such feature, to reveal the real sense of words by the return reading roots.

For example.

the MAIDEN = a miracle + [maidens (and) = the Veda (a)] - a miracle (god) knowing.

of ChERT = cherjt = line + [t (a cher = the speech) e] - drawing that speech. The clerk writing with lines and cuts.


Also terd = tverd (on Slovenian);

of Tvrd, firm earth, continent. Here three it is put in a genitive case of singular, i.e. imenit. the case = tr (earth), will give rise. case = three. (on Slovenian)

the Terra = the earth (on Latin);

Three = lands (will give rise. stalemate.)

From here three = (whom? what?) earth

4. Four (from here: quarter, i.e. quarter) = whose, (which) tverdyyu.

Four, quarter =, which tverdyyu.

5. P ѫ t (it is necessary to utter pent);

of Pents = patets, (on Polish),

It can mean part whole, i.e. paljets (give five), or whole - a hand, and figuratively it means the power.

besides in Slavic yayka nonsyllabic in the word p ѫ t means the most ancient termination of verbs of the present, the third party, singular.

Turns out that P ѫ t = owns.

6. Six = this is.

7. Sedm = sedyimiya = sedyimy. Sedm = sitting, taking the place.

8. Osm = about - seven = month - o, a boundary

the true sense of reading the word eight Turns out: osm, eight = boundary: between.

9. Nine = dev (div) - yat. The particle yat proiskhodit from a yata verb, yat - to take and in the ancient time made the termination of nouns and adjectives of names that corresponds to the terminations of our instrumental case: ohm, I eat, Amy, a hole.

Turns out that nine = maidens, miracles (gods).

10. Ten = des - yat.

of Yat already explained, there is Des.

of Desya - plural from Dukh (on Polish)

Turns out, ten = spirits. we Collect by

the phrase: The PERSON (1) - GOD = OWNS VEDA(2)ZEMLI(3), KOEY TVERDYU(4) (5). IT is (6) TAKING the PLACE (7) BETWEEN (8) GODS (9) And SPIRITS (10)

If to carry out the analysis of other languages, then in all languages the same phrase turns out!

Here still interesting reading of values of zodiac signs with use of similar interpretation:

the SCORPION - skorbo = it is rather, naiskory.

of STRE - LETs - lyot arrows

to the GOAT - ROG(GOR) - the jumping goat, means run on the mountain, by land. WATER - POUR

- the water flowing from a vessel means a watercourse.

of FISH - to float.

the ARIES - a sheep = ov = an ova = this = this = these = light.

of LITTLE BODIES - a bull = round = tor = a Torah = a dawn = a nail = a star.

These seven zodiac signs are read so:


A here to what is led by the mechanical translation of one phrase on other language without their unity.

Each of participants of experiment knew two languages, received the text, translated it and transferred to the neighbor. 20 translators to whom the text from Gogol was offered were taken:

She gossiped and ate boiled beetroots in the mornings and perfectly swore - and at all these various occupations her face for a minute did not change the expression that only one women " ordinary can show;.

the Result was. To estimate to you.

Having drunk compote, she threw out second-hand articles from a hut, and it joyfully hammered into a tomtom .

So, at the beginning? Try