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How to prolong youth and health?

Who does not dream to prolong life today, and together with it - youth? Practically each of us during life is accompanied by the factors anyway promoting presenilation. For someone it is a stress and depressions, for others - improper feeding and deficiency of vitamins, for the third - continuous stay at office and, as a result, decrease in physical activity, a lack of oxygen. All this, finally, leads to attack of our cages by free radicals, reduces immunity, causes heart troubles, increases fatigue, reduces the general tone and in general reduces our century. But it is always possible to minimize harm if to follow several simple rules, and the main thing - not only their nobility, but also not to be lazy to follow them. And in rules of these there is nothing impracticable.

Eat properly. Fresh vegetables and fruit contain A, C, D and E vitamins, and also pro-vitamins and enzymes which are responsible for cell renewal. Use more herbal tea and or just waters - try to drink not less than one and a half liters of liquid a day. Eat more greens, a sea-buckthorn, bilberry, a cranberry, from nuts give preference walnut or forest. It is possible to call all these products champions on the content of antioxidants. Out of competition also dark bitter chocolate. Researches revealed more than once ability of dark chocolate (pay attention - black, but not dairy) to reduce a blood pressure and to improve an arterial blood-groove. Qualitative red dry wine is recognized as good antioxidant also. Probably, superfluous will remind that concerning wine, as well as in a case with chocolate - it is necessary to know when to stop.

Get rid of excess weight . It not only a cosmetic shortcoming, and a serious disease at which the fatty and carbohydrate exchange is broken and all bodies work with an overload.

Protect the heart. At the wrong way of life heart is one of the most vulnerable bodies. As the famous American cardiologist Paul D. Whyte, a heart trouble to 80 - and - not a God`s penalty, but result of own mistakes spoke years. Excess weight - one of factors endangering heart. The correct diet and the balanced motive loading - here the best friends of your heart. Along with other muscles heart has to remain active, and for this purpose it needs trainings. On average, only three occupations a week within 20 minutes are capable to provide to heart necessary loading. Classical cardiotrainings are jogging, dances, driving the bicycle, fast pedestrian walking. As for your diet - avoid greasy and spicy food, and also products with the excess content of salt.

There is more oxygen! you are not lazy more often to happen in the fresh air. If during the day you are in office, at least sometimes find forces and mood for evening walk. Owners of dogs in this question, undoubtedly, in a prize. In the house or office you can drink a glass of oxygen cocktail - with own hand prepared (attributes you will find in the next drugstore). Thanks to the increased oxygen consumption, in the most comfortable conditions it appears warmly - vascular system, the arterial pressure, microflora is normalized, and skin becomes fresher. Doctors claim that high efficiency of such cocktail is caused by what through a stomach comes to fabrics approximately in 10 times more of oxygen, than through lungs.

Observe the mode of a dream and physical activity. Try to sleep not less than eight hours a day, but also it is not necessary to pour too. It is considered that stay in a bed can lead more than ten hours to decrease in the general tone, to become the reason of depressions and feeling sick. As for a daily routine, ideal conditions for a good tone is high mobility - for example, walking or house efforts. There is an opinion that women live longer than men just because by the nature it is simpler and more natural to them to find to itself feasible loadings and to train belly muscles. Meanwhile, east medicine considers, the century of the person with the weakened stomach - is shorter.

Train mind. Some researches say to us that mortality of the people, throughout life who are actively engaged in intellectual trainings is approximately four times lower than mortality of those who do not trouble themselves intellectual loadings and do not seek for intellectual development. At the same time the IQ level per se, and a possibility of constant intellectual loadings is important not just.

Laugh and smile more often. It is proved - those who like to laugh, suffer warmly less often - vascular diseases, possess more effective immune protection, with bigger ease get rid of extra kilos. So, for example, if you laughed hundred times during the day - safely equate it to 15 - minute warm-up on the exercise bike. So can, we will forget about the standard saying and we will agree that laughter without the reason a sign of good mood? . By the way, such feature of the personality as optimism and goodwill to people is recognized as one of factors of youth and longevity.

Try to follow these basic rules, and at desire diversify them with the. And, paraphrasing one more known proverb - protect a dress to a snov, and beauty and health - from the youth! ]