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Why the actress Babanova for the rest of life remained is faithful to the Master - to Meyerhold?

Tanya`s Role in the play of Alexey Arbuzov of the same name was for Maria Ivanovna Babanovoy darling. It she played more than one thousand times. This role is described in all textbooks on stories of theater, in tens of theatrical memoirs. It was specially created under it to Babanov. And it seemed to it that from a scene she tells about herself.

As loved the man to self-forgetfulness, but, having learned that he loves other woman, found forces to leave and to start everything in life anew From Babanova`s voice was struck the hall, it was not just loved, it was imitated in everything: the same hats what was carried by her Tanya knitted, copied her gait, gestures, dresses. Spectators, leaving the auditorium, hid tear-stained eyes. And the actress continued to suffer from the not ostentatious pain and sufferings on a scene, stood behind the scenes, and around it was protective the field where nobody could enter.

Babanova felt relationship with the heroine, having lost the Teacher and an idol, was lonely, same as Tanya thirty five years when it, the prima of theater of Revolution, seventy-year-old Stanislavsky called for conversation were Babanova`s

. For fear she agreed to come only for the third day. Konstantin Sergeyevich at a meeting presented to the actress a branch of a gentle white lilac (among winter) which it covered then a hollow fur coat from a frost when came back home. Cheeks of the actress burned for nervousness. Stanislavsky offered it work in Art theater (it did not put performances any more). Babanova unexpectedly for herself directly and rigidly answered: Other directors do not interest me .

In 1922 when it came to Meyerhold`s workshops (on the basis of which GITIS grew then), it was against to take it. Nobody demanded the recitation of fables and reading prose from Babanova, it moved in the pantomime, as bewitched, occasionally raising blue eyes on the commission. Meyerhold told: To Teach it, perhaps, there is nothing and it is hardly possible It can rank high on any scene " now;. It also did not take it, but who then would play in the play which it was going to rehearse?

Master never did not put on Babanova, did not build the compositions around her, however the actress took the central place in its theater at once. By this time Meyerhold already managed to put 170 performances in the St. Petersburg theater of V. F. Komissarzhevskaya. It realized the new art program connected with symbolism poetics, stylistics of conditional theater.

What " wind; brought To Babanov in art? Unless once the acquaintance of a family, having heard its melodious voice, cheerfully told: With such voice it is necessary to go to theater!

Musya (a children`s name of Babanova) was born in Zamoskvorechye in a usual working family. The girl lived at the grandmother, the imperious and despotic woman, visited parents. At home it was gloomy, all forbade the child, punished for any fault. It is good that early gave to study. Masha secretly read books, read avidly. Participated in morning performances, amateur theatricals to everyone`s astonishment and to disapproval of the family. She already studied at Commercial institute when she married the former schoolmate. It needed independence and freedom. And Babanova received all this. Marriage broke up soon. It had still then two husbands, both from a theater world. But she did not like to love them. Babanova from the youth did not recognize bohemian binges, sit-round gathering and parties. Appreciated society of clever men. But liked to fool about at somebody at the dacha, to play snowballs, to sit at a samovar, having crossed hands on a breast.

Masha always considered herself as the unfortunate extremist. Both on a scene, and in life. Her devotion Mastera knew no limit.

At Vsevolod Emilyevich Meyerhold actors rushed on designs. Babanova was proud of herself. She straight off jumped through six chairs at once. The actress could run away in a flash on a slope from ten-meter height,-legged to open a door and to appear right there before the audience. Maria Ivanovna played a role behind a role, feeling a fixed and inquisitive glance Mastera behind the back, smiling for pleasure, hearing its rolling chorus - rosho .

When Zinaida Raich who soon became the leading actress in troupe, and came then to theater and the wife Mastera, having pushed aside the prima donna Babanova on a background, Maria Ivanovna understood that it forever. Every day to see the happy competitor it was not on forces. Actors began to leave Meyerhold. From - for innocent jokes to Zinaida Raich the actor Nikolay Okhlopkov to whom later Babanova also will get to theater left theater. Babanova passed through humiliating explanations with the Master - written and oral. Here one of them: My feelings to theater and to you are invariable - bigger to me in life is not present and it is not necessary, and yours to me the relation is more expensive me than those job which I from you get. M. Babanova . It was opposition of the Woman and Actress. The woman won. The master wrote it a note about impossibility to work more with it. And then she decided to leave theater.

In theater of Revolution (since 1954 theater of Mayakovsky) Babanova is met with pleasure. It plays Shakespeare, Ostrovsky, Gorky, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Pogodin, Arbuzov. In the first years Maria Ivanovna plays 24 performances a month. In the diary she writes: Those years I played with pleasure . Its voice, such special, recognizable, sounded on radio. Babanova read Andersen, Wilde, Ekzyuperi. Someone from her contemporaries told that it was perfect work of God and itself .

Maria Ivanovna Babanova died on March 20, 1983, 25 years ago. She never endured the idol for forty three years, in anything, without having reproached him.

Sometime, when there will be any more no us when passes, our uneasy, vain, active, tiresome and purposeful, unfortunate and happy life - everything also mysterious, crafty will come to an end and the surprising voice of Babanova - a voice of the Fairy tale " will imperatively sound;.

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