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Why for the composer Borodin arsenical acid was necessary?

History of the birth of Alexander Borodin is surrounded with a mystery aura. Its birth, and occurred it on November 12, 1833 in St. Petersburg, became the natural final of romantic communication of the Georgian prince Luka Stepanovich Gedianov and the St. Petersburg bourgeois from soldier`s children Avdotya Antonova. To legalize the birth of the boy named by Alexander, the prince had to write down it the son of the domestic person Porfiriya Borodin. Therefore subsequently in documents Alexander could write rightfully what comes from serfs. But serf situation it was very short. Gedianov issued to the son the manumission and lodged him with mother in a small lodge. Thanks to care of the prince, Borodin could get a good house education.

Especially the boy liked to practise music and to put chemical experiments. Began to train in its music since eight years. Having fine hearing, he quickly mastered playing a flute, a piano and a violoncello. In nine years he composed childly the naive Pole Elena for a piano in 4 hands. The composition of music captured the boy, and he even achieved a certain progress. In 1849 claviers of several plays of the young composer were published, and kind article in which it was told was published in the capital newspaper: Special attention, in our opinion, deserve the composition of the gifted sixteen-year-old composer Alexander Borodin... We the more willingly welcome this new national talent that the field of the composer begins not Poles and mazourkas, and work positive, distinguishing in the composition delicate esthetic taste and poetic soul . It was the undoubted advance payment on the future which gave to Alexander confidence in own forces. And it in youth is so important.

But it is more, than music it was attracted by chemical experiments. Its favourite book became Short concept about chemistry V. F. Odoevsky. He excitedly pottered with flasks and retorts, invented improbable chemical mixes and scarecrows house the strange sounds and smells coming from its room turned into laboratory. The chemistry was chosen by him for itself(himself) as future profession. In the summer 1850 of Borodin with honors passed examinations for a gymnasia course, and arrived the auditor (official transfer was interfered by an origin) on medical office of Mediko in the fall - surgical academy.

Alexander brilliantly and upon termination of in 1856 studied. To academy it was left in it the teacher. And in two years received degree of the doctor of medicine. The subject which it chose for the thesis was more chemical, than medical: About analogy of phosphoric and arsenical acid in the chemical and toxicological relations . Among professional chemists the thesis was met with interest, designated to her author the brilliant scientific future and were not mistaken.

To improve knowledge of the young scientist sent for 3 years to Europe. On this trip he became very intimate with Dmitry Mendeleyev, friendship he with whom carried by through all life. Young scientists worked in the leading laboratories, got acquainted with many European chemists, participated in work of the International congress of chemists in Karlsruhe. For memory of this trip Borodin had picture with friends chemists taken in Heidelberg.

Abroad there was also its private life. In Heidelberg he got acquainted with the young pianist Ekaterina Sergeyevna Protopopova, the schoolgirl of the outstanding Czech pianist Shulgof. Her mastery made big impression on it. Talk on music and joint playing music pulled together young people. Soon the mutual sympathy developed into something bigger, and they got married.

Upon return to Russia office career of Borodin successfully developed. It became the graduated in a military academy - professor of department of chemistry Mediko - surgical academy, then ordinary professor, the manager of department, the head of chemical laboratory. In 1877 Borodin became an academician, and this already undoubted recognition in the scientific world. He is an author more than 40 scientific works on chemistry which are published not only in Russia.

Alexander Porfiryevich was not afraid to undertake solid administrative cares. He was one of the organizers and teachers created in 1872. The female medical courses which had the status of a higher educational institution (the first and only at that time in Russia).

At big office loading Borodin managed to find time and for music. Already in the fifties he was known as the author of romances and piano plays. In his musical career 1862 when there was its acquaintance to M. A. Balakirev and young composers " became rotary; The Five . For Alexander Porfiryevich the new period of musical life connected with serious composer work began. Inspired by Balakirev, it undertook the composition of the symphony. In 1869 the First symphony was presented on court of the public which met her with a great interest. Encouraged by success, Borodin started the composition of the new symphony. Public performance of the Second symphony, from an easy hand of Stasov called Powerful became triumph of the author, at once having entered Borodin into the first rows of the Russian composers and having brought it the European popularity.

During this period Borodin got to work and on creation of the main work - operas Prince Igor all his life which became business. In the eighties Borodin could give more attention to music, began to experiment in the area chamber - vocal lyrics, entering into works so the heroic images loved by it. Epic ballads " were written to them; Sea and Dark Song elegy For coast of fatherland distant . The symphonic picture " innovative for those times is created; In Central Asia several piano plays and chamber quartets. The Second string quartet executed in 1882 which all parts can be executed and separately as independent tool works became a recognized masterpiece.

A long time Borodin worked on the Third symphony which he was going to call Russian . But neither it, nor opera Prince Igor were not complete. On February 15, 1887 Borodin unexpectedly died. After his death Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov finished the opera. First submission of the opera Prince Igor on a scene of the Maryinsky Theater took place 23 - go October, 1890. From now on the opera which became the best monument to the talented person with invariable success goes on opera scenes of the world.

Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin was not alien to simple human pleasures. With pleasure traveled, loved and understood the Russian nature. For the summer he often went to the village of Davydovo that in the Vladimir region. As here it is good! - he from Davydov wrote. - What woods, groves, pine forest, floodplains. That for " air;. Here the composer fruitfully worked on the opera Prince Igor listened to national songs, wandered about coppices and fields, like the Russian spirit . Today in the village the small national museum of A. P. Borodin is open.

It is deeply symbolical that in the small Russian village there is an old, darkened from time house in which there lives memory of Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin and fine music of truly Russian composer who made the heroic Russian epos property of the whole world sounds.]