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How to make friends with emotions?

of Emotion - the engine of our behavior. As a rule, they are connected with aspiration of the person to achieve some important objectives or to avoid a situation, unpleasant for it. Any emotional experience causes certain physiological reactions. Positive emotions improve blood circulation, remove approach of an old age. Negative emotions, rage, a dissatisfaction have opposite effect on a human body.

As it is often possible to hear that made this or that action of people on emotions (if it could only turn a time ago and properly consider each step, then, perhaps, would never repeat similar nonsense) And how many stresses, nervous breakdowns and attacks cause emotions! Students worry on the eve of session, parents worry for children, the loving people - the friend for the friend. I do not speak any more about daily household trifles which cause a storm of emotions

Of course, it is hard to constrain the emotions, but it is possible to control them all - and besides to be successful, it needs to study. For example, emotions in business are unacceptable, they are considered as a bad form: to show the true emotions - means to lose the face. To be able to control the emotions doctors, firefighters, rescuers and representatives of other professions which work is connected with constant tension are obliged.

Here some recommendations which will help you to seize the emotions:

1. If you feel that you in some situation can lose control over the emotions, try to leave. Make a pause, take rest, and then with new thoughts try to look at a problem other eyes.

2. Convince yourself by means of positive installations. Tell yourself that you are quiet, sure of the forces, are happy Repeat these statements as often as possible.

3. Try not to discuss the feelings with people around. It will only increase, but will not reduce suffering.

4. Before splashing out the sea of the negative emotions on someone from the environment, write down them to yourself in the diary or on a usual sheet of paper. Let there will pass some time. If subsequently your opinion does not change and you will feel that you consider it necessary to solve this problem so, but not differently, act. Though, maybe, passions poulyanutsya, and you in general will forget, from - for what were so excited.

5. Stop to consider yourself ideal. Reconcile to the fact that you can make mistakes. Learn to listen to criticism from others. The true self-confidence means that you are open for criticism and do not take offense at it.

6. the easiest way to avoid negative emotions - to distract. Any action - the best cure for concern.

7. Ask yourself a question: What can I make to change a situation, from - behind which I cannot find any peace? . If the answer does not occur - means it is necessary only to calm down and wait, the concern you will achieve nothing, from it it will become easier not.

8. Find the way of a relaxation. For one it there can be a sport, for others - dances, a visit of beauty shop, a bath, massage or just acceptance of a bathtub with aromatic oils Yes anything, the main thing that to you from it it became quieter and more comfortable.

9. In psychology one more widespread reception is known. To cope with concern it is possible to try physically. For this purpose it is necessary to find on the surface of our body of a zone responsible for feeling of nervousness (a point on temples and on the middle of palms) and to massage them within several minutes clockwise.

10. And, at last, the best council for all occasions - smile or even laugh, as if to you it was heavy. With a smile to walk on life is simpler and more cheerful. Besides the cheerful person is always more beautiful gloomy.

Are on friendly terms with the emotions, a way all impressions which are given you by life, there will be pleasant, harmonies to you and happiness!!!]