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What the book begins with?

Having read Alexander Zakharov`s article, I wanted to add it. It will be a question of a work of art - the detective story, the historical novel, etc.

So what the book begins with?

Any art book the plot is the cornerstone of . There is no plot - there is no book. However, even the most original and interesting plot is not the key to success yet! It is necessary to do huge work of which it will be a question further. As it is strange, but the total of possible plots is very limited, and it becomes more difficult to find something original every year. Everything already once was - not at Shakespeare, so at Svetoniya... However, often life gives us excellent plots - the main thing to be able to make out them, to clear, facet and put in order. The plot to you can be presented as presented to Gogol a plot Dead souls Pushkin. Someone can tell you a plot how history or a joke. At worst, the plot can just be stolen from other work of art. And to remake the stolen plot to unrecognizability. It will not be plagiarism, but nevertheless it not the best decision. Especially, if the original is widely known and qualitatively realized.

So, we will consider that the plot is found. Now it is necessary to decide on place and time of action . Where and when there are events described by you? It can be the whole time span - from a moment to eternity. And spatial range - from a point to the Universe. When we decided on time and the place, we climb in the Internet, we are laid over by encyclopedias, maps, books also we learn about interesting us spatially - a time span everything that is only possible. Let a lot of things be not useful to us, it is unimportant! Important as it is possible to plunge more deeply into an era, to feel its rhythm, its breath... Collect biographies of great people of that time, do not neglect newspapers, even advertisements! Look for materials about local fashion, vital way. Write out proverbs, jokes, gossips, rumors. Everything can be useful! If action happens during a fictional era or in the fictional world, all this should be thought up and to work in details.

Now, possessing a plot and extensive knowledge of an era, it is possible to start formation of of heroes . Usually writers write out their character from prototypes known for it, but it is possible and to think up, synthesize the heroes. Do not neglect a careful portrayal even of minor heroes. Think up their biographies, their legend. Let a lot of things will not be included into the book, but having all this near at hand, you will be able to make the narration connected and logical. The attention to minor heroes is a peculiar indicator of skill of the writer.

By the way before beginning to write most, it is worth reading much and seriously. To read masters of the word, classics of the past and the present. To read with a pencil and a notebook, to analyze, think, compare. the narration thread is a high time to begin to develop

Now . It is the most effective to develop several threads at once - they are written separately, and then intertwine: each of them breaks on the most interesting place, passing on baton another. It allows to keep interest of the reader constantly.

Now those facts about the place and time will be useful to us that we collected right at the beginning! We string them on a narration thread as beads. The main thing that they together looked on these threads harmoniously - a beads has to be stylish.

In parallel we study stylistics , we add to taste philosophical reflections, lyrical digressions .

On all plots rasbrasyvay signs which have to work at the end. Signs pile on the pressure and cause feeling of participation in solving of a plot in the reader.

At last, we think over an outcome, the plot culmination . We twist all threads of the narration in hard knot which will be untied right at the end.

An ending - the most important part of a work of art. It forms the general aftertaste books. It will be remembered (or it will not be remembered) to the reader, extending for itself all book. If sense of the fascinating beginning - to involve the reader in the book, to keep his attention, then sense of a fascinating ending - to leave impression of the book in soul of the reader, to put to it in soul the main idea, to transfer an initial message for the sake of which the book is written. Not incidentally many readers begin to read with the end, they cannot wait to understand that the author wants to inform them. But if the book standing be sure, the reader will read and began. Also will re-read the book more and more in spite of the fact that already knows an outcome.

So, the book is ready - there is a plot, heroes, narration threads, an outcome. Now it is worth walking once again according to all book a critical look : whether the plot is well worked out? Whether characters of heroes are convex? Whether details are carefully worked out? Whether the book with the facts and " is overloaded; lyrical digressions ? Whether harmoniously there are parts in a whole? Whether there are no violations in logic of the narration? Programmers call this process debugging . Debug, grind the book to full gloss.

Now time to allow to read the book to critics came. Write out all remarks, but you do not hurry to correct everything. Think over, remarks are how proved. Nakolko often they are mentioned by different people? How authoritatively for you their opinion? Now, having introduced remarks, postpone the ready book for a month - another. Return to it and read written by a new view. Whether everything is perceived also how earlier? Whether there was no desire something to remake, to add, clean? When there is a feeling that the book is ready and further changes are not required (do not ask outside), print the book and bear in publishing house. If there the book is accepted, the following stage " will begin; great epic but it is already beyond article.

Good luck to you in hard literary work!]