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Why Veniamin Smekhov about anybody does not speak badly?

the Unique phenomenon for the person public. Especially unique for the theatrical actor. It seems, it is accepted to gossip and envy, say in the theatrical environment about each other scurrilous things and to write exposing memoirs.

And Veniamin Borisovich even in memoirs has one continuous treacle. In total at it good, all talented. And about - words. Though already any book appeared. And all the same there was no time or the place for own stories. How since the childhood promised as studied, married, fell in love, played. No, only about others.

Such is the nature of this surprising person. The noble count de La Fer does not notice the offenses caused him by both the power, and fellows - actors, and once beloveds. He lives on removed by him egoistical to the principle - to focus attention only on the positive moments and not to develop an offense plot.

It does not play on Taganka for a long time. Though still is registered in theater. He is a free artist now. Free both in creativity, and in life. He already paid for the freedom wholly. Withdrawal from troupe, withdrawal from a family. Looking at this charming gray-haired mister with an arch look, somehow it is not believed that before you the rebel and very strong personality. Once he broke habitual way. Began to do that there is a wish. To put performances as the director. And to love that which was presented by destiny. He spat on norms of society, on rules by which the actor should serve in theater and it is not necessary to love the woman more young it for twenty years. He staked the life and won.

After Veniamin Borisovich`s reorganization and his young wife Galya began to invite abroad. The best theatrical platforms wanted to see it at themselves. As director and as teacher. He began to teach and travel. Where the wife - there and the Homeland is a statement of Veniamin Borisovich. The house - concept not geographical. In the house to you it has to be good. And with darling well everywhere.

Soon Smekhov was popular also in Russia. And, apparently, it does not do anything special. At cinema almost does not play. Yes, sometimes writes notes and sketches. Yes, sometimes charges extra audiobooks. Yes, appears on someone`s evenings and reads the eyforizm . Modestly, without sticking out itself, without declaring anywhere and everywhere the genius. And invitations to it more and more. Come, act, very much we ask. Probably, the understanding that in a pursuit of ratings of air and stars which will bring this rating we lose that layer of culture on which our country is based came. And the last generation which created this layer imperceptibly leaves.

Now Veniamin Borisovich has new cares. It is necessary to add the book about its travel, about the meetings with cultural figures which were taking place abroad. It will be called Life on a visit . And in it there will be no revelations and dirt too. He just has no time to be engaged in scandals. Recently shootings new " ended; Musketeers it is also necessary to be prepared for a premiere. Recently one more grandson was born, and it is necessary to help the daughter Alik with the kid.

And here still the Internet and the guest book overflowed with messages smekhovistok . There and it sometimes comes. To esteem and sometimes to answer. Also it is necessary to go with favourite Galya to the scheduled theatrical premiere. He very much does not like to sit in the hall. But it is necessary owing to professional duties wives. Galina Aksyonova is a theatrical critic. She works at a performance, prepares material for the next article. And he dozes in a cozy chair of orchestra seats. What dreams it? Probably, that Taganka which already nobody will see. But about which he still will surely write. As always, only good.]