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What write in Confidential Maiden Albums about?

... At maidens in ochchchen old times of my youth (and I quite often want to chat about life with the Pharaoh`s mummy!) there were such treasured thick notebooks. It was called - the Maiden Album.

Generally in them there were words of songs. But not only: still there could be quotes from classics (in the most fancy combination and the most whimsical writing), slogans and " mottoes; do not love two " at once; signs and other bagatelles. All this was to the best of the ability and tastes of the owner is decorated with the drawn or cut out rosettes,

in these albums also questionnaires Happened pigeons and so forth and so forth ( your favourite name, treasured desire etc.) . Then there was one more improvement: on a leaf something confidential was written, addressed to the owner of this device, then the leaf was wrapped by a treugolnichok, and date from above was written - when it is possible to look. There it was possible to enclose a gift (the picture, a sticker or zhuvachka ) . Naturally, nobody before the specified date waited...

Songs were various too - quite civil variety songs adjoined to the dreadful city romance, and to that horror which is called " now; Russian chanson (though it is the same chanson as I am Edison). But was narrated not about a tyuryaga and a zone there, and about a hard maiden share, about insidiousness of men (who only and dream to seduce the maiden and to throw it), and about fatal Lyubov:

You do not love, girls, sailors,

you do not love this black flare.

the Black flare becomes a diaper, will not find

A of the sailor in the sea.

Well and still different fine :

Three beauties of heaven

Went along streets of Madrid:

Donna Clara, Donna Res

I beauty Florida...

(further very much everything is sensitive).

And so forth. I - maiden - an album did not conduct such notebook - on the contrary, I took them from schoolmates and subjected by youth of years (in the company of the most malicious boys) to an awful obkhokhatyvaniye. For bad taste, for illiteracy, for the terrifying pigeons etc.

However, in such albums was pisyvat still by Pushkin, but there, probably, and with spelling it was better, at all was not Russian chanson - not that occupation layer. Though it would be interesting to read albomchik of everyones Lopukhinykh and Oleninykh there. About it there is an interesting note with historical digression - livejournal. com/294803. html.

Somehow I came across my favourite Korney Ch. article about such here albums. There EVERYTHING was described IN ACCURACY, literally! before textual coincidence! Article was of 1936... It struck me. To what hardy business appeared. Korney Ivanovich was distressed - to what badly and sadly have to teach literature that girlfriends were dumped on such here banalities at school. And I absolutely agree with it...

And when before my younger chicken grew, already at full capacity sold preparations for these notebooks: such pink - PINK, with the ready text and gaps for a description, with places for gluing in stickers with pictures pink Barbey...

And here I thought that now - that at last to these albums will come karachun. But poll of the population of the distant countries showed that, despite of attempts of commercialization of sincere rushes, both in America, and in Australia little girls continue to make such here notebooks with own hand. So the tradition is live. And probably it is good?