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What days this year in all respects adverse?

the Sun and the Moon rule the world. It is truth. The earth constantly feels hot breath of a star by the name of the Sun, this enormous electromagnetic oven, and its inhabitants are under the influence of its radiation and the field. The moon - a peculiar tuning fork, the regulator of energy of the Sun, is also considered that all live develops according to a lunar calendar. There is no need in detail to tell about all features and laws of the weather gods (from inflow and otliv before salting of cabbage). These are common truths.

The concept solarly - lunar amplitudes (SLA) of the engineer of Southern Machine-Building Plant from Dnipropetrovsk Valery Nekrasov was born a few years ago. Since then it annually makes calendars of accidents. The theory of SLA is rather simple. Rainy days come when influence of the Sun and Moon at the same time reaches a maximum. That is the new moon and a full moon coincide with the increased solar activity. According to Nekrasov, forecasts of solar activity for the calculations he is a beret from supervision of the Canadian observatories sent for CB Southern .

So when the extreme phase of the Moon coincides with flash on the Sun, the planet as an organism, and all live on it, and all difficult technical systems test a condition of the increased tension and, therefore, are subject to failures. It can be natural cataclysms (eruptions of volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes), technogenic accidents, postoperative crises, heart attacks, strokes and other not palatable events.

At the moments of crossing of amplitudes of lunar and solar activity (a plus-minus two days) there was a maximum number of the most terrible accidents in the history. It is death " Titanic; falling of the Tungus meteorite, a volcanic eruption of Krakatau, the Chernobyl accident, the hurricanes Andrew and Katrina to the USA, taking of hostages during the musical The North - OST in Moscow, death of many great people.

You want - believe, you want - no, but insidiousness of SLA - influences that in such days even skilled experts act mistakenly or just stay idle when it is necessary to make urgent decisions. For example, the recent tragedy in the Crimea. The long-term weather forecast predicted strong wind this day. Weather forecasters reported about the approaching hurricane. But how to explain that captains of ships, having received storm warning and the instruction to move away from the coast on safe distance, unanimously ignored them? The impression is made that they were under some hypnosis which prevented them to take elementary security measures in sea practice.

So, dates of critical days for 2008 according to Nekrasov (negative impact is observed 1 - 2 day).

Days of the increased risk: 20, on February 21, on March 22, on April 20, on May 19,20, 18, on June 21, on July 18, 16, on August 17, 15, on September 23, on October 14, on November 13, 12, on December 21. Injuries, accidents, accidents, overloads, postoperative crises, winter peak of epidemics and diseases, mental deviations, road accident, technogenic accidents, plane crashes, acts of terrorism, indignations of the atmosphere, strong rainfall, earthquakes are probable.

Days of recession of biological activity: 6, on February 7, on March 7, 5, on April 6, on May 5, on June 3, 2, on July 3, 1, on August 30, on September 29, 28, on October 29, on November 27, on December 27. Diseases and accidents are probable. For personal security it is necessary to refuse distant trips, late walks, physical activities, the work requiring fast and crucial solutions.

Put special danger - on March 21. Deep decline of forces, the doubled risk is possible, large cataclysms and natural disasters are probable.

All these days you should not stage drills and mass shows, to go to long travel. It is necessary to protect the life, to be more attentive and more built on a workplace, to postpone visit to the stomatologist, not to begin the affairs demanding nervous expenses and fast reaction. Generally, it is better to stay at home. Just it is good to lie and to do nothing. It is a pity that it is almost impossible... And still!]