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What sports equipment is useful at home?

Are people who go in for physical culture, without using any special equipment: just run, jump, are wrung out, swing a press... You know, than they differ, except good health? They are very disciplined. They do not need additional motivation to do morning exercises, they and so do it. And you?...

Personally I at some moment understood: regularly to be engaged though in some physical cultural criminal, it is necessary that something sports was in the house and, so to speak, was an eyesore. Now here the hoop massage of - for a crib looks out, and whispers: Twist, twist, you look, by spring the waist will be found... On the way to kitchen a turnichok with a rope loom: the rope - to children, and here on a horizontal bar to hang for a while - lovely business. And at all the terrible horned exercise machine lodged in a room corner: how here not to play sports?!

So, let`s understand what sports equipment should getting that it safely fitted also into your apartment, and into your life.

We will begin with small and compact. There is such amusing piece: balance weight . The inflatable disk, is better with massage thorns on a surface. Practically will not take the place, but try to stand since morning on it bare feet of 5 - 10 minutes (in parallel it is possible to execute simple exercises for a neck and hands, and it is possible just to wash and to clean teeth) - and the charge of cheerfulness is provided because it is necessary all the time slightly - to balance slightly, maintaining balance, so, to put into operation and muscles, and a brain. A bonus - massage of feet.

If there is a wish all - to move more actively, it is possible to buy a step - a platform . A step up - a step down, nothing cunning, and as a result - harmonous legs, the tightened buttocks and flame " motor; as it should be. It is possible to use, of course, in the same quality couple of volumes of BSE, but with a convenient and nonskid shell, believe, it is more pleasant to be engaged. On the end of training easily moves under a bed.

The jump rope is very compact , but not in each apartment it will turn out to jump without prejudice to a surrounding situation. Is less exacting to the place halakhup : lovely ladies, remember about this remarkable thing! The waist and hips will tell thanks . From a massage hoop first there are bruises, but it is a question of few weeks of trainings - but the effect is more noticeable then, than from usual.

If you want to pump up, not to do also muscles without dumbbells or of weighting compounds . Folding dumbbells with the changing weight are convenient for the house. Alas, they are not always esthetic. Far more accurately cast dumbbells and the choice of a covering, comfortable for the successful fellow look, here is wider - the word if is where to store, 2 - 3 couples non-demountable gantelek are possible home to pick up, including under color of an interior.

Weighting compounds are more compact and can quite serve as alternative fitness - to dumbbells: on bigger their weight, alas, will not be enough. And even for house power trainings it is possible to adapt various expanders and baud - the bars (it is the analog of a gymnastic stick only weighted).

Finishing conversation on the compact equipment, I will remind about horizontal bar . Practically in any apartment it is possible to find an aperture where the horizontal bar will not prevent. Even if you just will periodically hang on a crossbeam, it will become easier for a backbone, tired of sedentary poses. Well, and the man of any age ability to do chin-ups unlimited number of times considerably raises a self-assessment.

If the area allows also a spirit of you the most resolute, it is possible to look of exercise machines aside . Presence of the exercise machine in the house is capable to motivate very strongly on sports feats - especially if the exercise machine is successfully chosen.

More house look and by right cardiovascular machines are considered: steppers, exercise bikes, racetracks , and also elliptic and rowing exercise machines . Steppers and rowing in this list - the most compact, but also the most limited by the number of the involved muscles. Exercise bikes and racetracks - the most popular. Though to racetracks for the house personally at me the relation skeptical. In - the first not to run on nerves of neighbors from below, good depreciation, and this advantage is necessary, even standing on a special rug, only expensive models possess. In - the second, run - in principle not the best physical culture from - for shock loads of joints. And, at last, dimensions of an average racetrack for the house are not designed for people higher than 1,70 m

Exercise bikes with vertical landing are good the compactness and the democratic prices. You put it in a corner overlooking the TV - and imperceptibly so, under favourite series, excess weight you dump yes heart you strengthen. The main thing that height of a wheel and seat allowed not to skryuchivat a back.

And in general, of course, I - for ellipsoids. Practically all muscles at once, loading very soft work... But places in the house are taken much. In two it is more time, than the exercise bike. There are, however, folding models, but it is not enough of them, and they are not cheap at all.

Power simulators home too buy. But here an occasion has to become or very strong desire to shake or medical indications to strengthen a certain group of muscles, or the equipment of the real home gym - why and is not present, eventually...

It is not necessary to seek to buy all sports equipment at once. Choose for a start something one, try to put on a look and to begin it is regular to use. And if business goes... From the sweat spilled with pleasure apparatuses in the house propagate as mushrooms after a rain. God grant, that all did good!]