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Chinese miracle - power of traditions or tradition of the power?

Active development of China, its economic progress try to understand many. There is a considerable variety of opinions, stereotypes and interpretation which explain not so much an events essence in this great country, how many a basis of attitude of the expert. Probably, and I will not be able to avoid it is and whether it is possible differently? The world we learn through ourselves, and there is no other tool of knowledge.

In ten years of constant attention to this culture, attempts to understand and feel in what its force, something was succeeded to comprehend, and it something serves me kind service. Without applying for absolute completeness of understanding, I will distinguish two leading positions from all aspects of success: strength of the Governor and power of Tradition. Together they make integrity which is fully peculiar to this ancient and wise culture. This couple complements and vzaimoobuslavlivat each other, ensuring safety and effectiveness culturally - the sign field capable to self-reproduction.

Features of world outlook installations of all people, including Governors are so maintained. Installations are transferred throughout many millennia on the patrimonial line - at least the fact that more than seventy generations of descendants of Confucius know the patrimonial history is an example. And it is provided with competent filling of all social space symbols, signs and beacons which validate these installations. Not to straight lines (though it is), and indirect, figurative. And Images at them from the first days of life are cultivated. Writing - that hieroglyphic - about it. And all culture is focused on socialization, joint life and work, harmony with Others.

The subject of Management in the Chinese tradition, and first of all - public administration, in all centuries took the leading place. They really are able to operate. And how differently to live in such densely populated country? However, the good Governor could care for the people. And to operate consciously, aiming in the Future connected by a continuous thread with the present and past. Besides, this culture very socially. Identity was suppressed, especially in the lower class - but it did not prevent people to be unique at all - any more within strict canons will not find such thinnest nuances and distinctions, as in the Chinese painting, hieroglyphics, other arts anywhere.

In the Chinese tradition there are two main spiritual texts - the Book of Changes And Jing both the treatise about the Way and Sil Dao Dye Jing . Well and the sea of commentator literature around them. This couple - some kind of Chinese Bible.

And Jing is something like the scheme of a peace arrangement.

Dao Dye Jing - technologies of work with this scheme.

And Jing consists of 64 basic schemes - the hexagrams made 23 i.e. of two trigramm - a double triplet, a basis of DNA of the person. Actually, it both struck me in due time, and attracted. And not for nothing.

the Main feature of these texts - their structure. The structure of DNA described many a millennium ago - and the structure recreated in the computer equipment serving to us as a modern communication medium and uniting many people in the spaces.

At attentive and slow studying, steam I Jing - Dao Dye Jing creates at the ordering of information studying accurate and consistent internal structure. As flow energy in a body of the person, and information on a body streams. And the longer you work with the Book of Changes, the it is simpler to study something, to pass through itself large volumes of information without jams, to minimize distortions. It is simpler to remember then where what in depths of memory is hided - structure - that natural. Otplevet grains more simply to separate.

When studying there is a set of questions, and huge value has the identity of the conductor (teacher) through whom you learn this culture. And precisely it cannot be understood adequately, based on the secondary translations from other languages, in particular, English, French, German. Namely these translations shelves of bookstores are full. Superficially it turns out. And distortions happen these are that the meaning can be lost completely. About it I love such comic history. Students - linguists go by the train, from there is nothing to do play game: one writes the phrase in Russian, another translates it into English, the third - from English into German, the fourth - from German into French, and the fifth - from French back into Russian. And so phrase On a roof of the car the bared wire " lit up; turns in On a roof of the car the naked conductor " sunbathed;.

Here and thin meanings of complete culture are transformed to something unclear and treated anyhow, according to limited representation and the jammed stereotypes. Therefore the Chinese culture is also not open for the European person. The West is dynamics and speed, and in China there can begin the grandfather business which is prodlozhat by the grandson and the great-grandson. There is no place to hurry. Therefore it is possible to learn (even not to learn, and to learn and learn with respect and love) it only long-suffering and work which is supported by constant motivation - at everyone the.

Generally, 10 years daily (or almost daily) efforts in this party changed my attitude very considerably. And precisely not for the worse.

Mission of the person in this tradition - to be a pure conductor of Divine Ideal plans in their Real material embodiment. I.e. to live in harmony with the Nature in all its manifestations. I like to repeat that the most ancient ecologists on Earth are Chinese. They continuously bear Tradition in its invariance from depth of the millennia, responding to time calls without destruction of the basic bases connecting them. The images helping to accept correctness of ancestors are transferred by hieroglyphics, parables, music - all cultural space. The bamboo flute, a favourite musical instrument of daos is an image of the person, pure conductor. In it, as well as in the person - 9 openings (count at yourself at a leisure), and it hollow, empty, smooth from within. And sounds as! There is at Zhuang Zi, the Taoist philosopher, such parable - about Earth flute, a flute of the Person and the Heavenly flute. As all Taoist, very simple and wise in this simplicity, but at once and not to understand. The heavenly flute Zhuang Zi is and there is that pure conductor which cannot almost be reached, but to aspire to it is a life long task.

About national idea and Mission questions at them somehow also do not arise. Know simply - and all here. That only what will be when you do not become - that you will leave to children is important, and those are to the children, children of children... And not only in the material plan. And all the rest - ordinary Life, and is better to live it healthy and rich, than on the contrary.

I can long and with love about everything about it to speak, and it does not mean at all that I am a terrible apologist of their culture. The Russian everything, from the top to heels.

So China China, and Homeland Homeland. As one my kind friend - the Sinologue speaks - it is good not because it Confucius told but because it is told .]