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How to make the most tasty salads without mayonnaise?

Got used to Russian salad and herring under a fur coat, to crab salad. And all of them refuel mayonnaise. It is rather heavy for a stomach. As among readers the Internet is the Life magazine great variety of the people considering calories, I will offer on their court recipes of very tasty salads without mayonnaise. Each of them is tested and accepted by the honest company.

We will begin from simple to difficult and on a season.

" salad; Vitaminka . In power to make

to any hostess. Well of vitamins. Tonenko - tonyusenko we slice fresh cabbage - either white, or red. Slightly prisalivay and pure handles accurately we rumple a kapustka that she gave juice. We cut a lemon in half and we squeeze out a little juice. We add olive oil, we strew with caraway seeds. If turned sour - salty taste not your darling - add a little sugar. In total! There are greens - chop or from above put a branch. If you have no caraway seeds - add the fried cleared sunflower seeds of a sunflower or pumpkin and green onions. Tasty it is also useful.

" salad; Mizeriya . I do not Even know

why at salad such name, but taste very unusual. Fresh cucumbers salad. It is clear, that in the spring cucumbers greenhouse. But even this defect can be corrected in such creative salad. At first we clean each young cucumber, thinly we slice - straws - and we salt to taste. We allow to stand. Cucumbers gave juice - we wring out accurately. While they at us were drawn, we made sauce - filling. A half-glass of low-fat sour cream, juice from a lemon half, a teaspoon of fresh fennel, a half of a teaspoon of icing sugar. We try. There is not enough salt - will add some salt. We fill in cucumber shaving, we strew with black ground pepper not densely - and in the refrigerator on a half-hour. We lay a table, we call the family. Everything that is prepared with soul and for darlings, will get a response in their hearts and healthy stomachs.

Fast " salad; Lobio .

the Name at this salad it because at it there are practically same ingredients, as at the well-known dish of Georgian cuisine. Only it is the so-called facilitated option. Will provide speed of preparation to us bank of red beans in own juice. Or the day before the boiled haricot. So, slightly we wash out haricot from banks, we merge liquid. Small we cut the cleared walnuts or we pound. We slice greens of cilantro or fennel, garlic - through a chesnokodavilka. We mix all ingredients. Salt. Pepper. Vegetable oil. It is better olive. Very nourishing and useful salad.

Pineapples salad.

Easy and fresh salatik. Pineapple from compote or pieces fresh, a celery root - pieces or cubes. Gas station - wine or balsam vinegar is (not enough), vegetable oil, salt and sugar. Sugar pineapple live, not from banks is added in case. Very beautifully this salad looks on the big plate covered with lettuce leaves or the Beijing cabbage and decorated with pieces of boiled beet. In the middle - a hill ananasovo - celery salad.

" salad; Solar .

the Cheerful name at this salad. It is beautiful and gentle. Real spring salatik for a mood raising.

Is simple in preparation and is very tasty! Bright juicy carrots are necessary, it is better than a new harvest. Raisin. Any nutlets (I did with cedar). One orange, one medium-sized grapefruit. Caraway seeds or sesame seed. With sesame it is pleasant to me more. We clean everything, carrots are rubbed on a large grater. Orange and grapefruit is sorted on segments, we clean films. We cut pieces. Gas station - lemon juice, balsam vinegar is (a little), it is a little sugar, orange juice - grapefruit and a droplet of olive oil. Your spring still life is ready!

The following salad quite expensive, but sometimes there is a wish to indulge darlings with a delicacy.

Salad from Yulia Vysotskaya. Sheet salad very carefully to wash out

. I put any greens in flowing water for 20 - 30 minutes. To sort salad on leaflets, to wash out once again that there was no sand. To tear on pieces, to put in a dish. To cut the cleared firm pears on thin segments. To add to salad. There the crumbed roquefort cheese - 150 - 200 grams. To fry thoroughly walnuts in honey. To give the chance to them to zakaramelizirovatsya. Sauce - four spoons of olive oil to shake up with juice of a half of a lemon. You fill in with this sauce salad, from above - caramel nutlets. The combination of roquefort cheese and pears gives amazing taste. Generously and elegantly.

Prepare not only hands, but also heart. Let your culinary victories warm soul your darling!]