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What of great writers did not publish the Decameron ?

on February 3, 1863, 145 years ago, the humoresque under which there was a short pseudonym " was published in the newspaper of the small town Virginia - city (State of Nevada); Mark Twain . This day and quite so 27 - summer Samuel Lengkhorn Clemens signed the work. As well as others, written much later. In two years it is a name it will become known to all America, and then and to the world.

For us, the people living one and a half centuries later this short name sounds as the song. And for certain, many believe what the name means usual bible, also called the prophet who wrote the second book of the New testament, remember the Gospel of Mark? Well, and the surname can mean anything!

Actually everything was much simpler. Samuel was born in a small village Florida, four years later the family moved to the city of Hannibal located on the river Mississippi here on this river the guy and vanished together with the brother Henry. Both of them were literally mad about navigation. In 18 years Samuel leaves Hannibal and four years travel around the country, but then comes back to the native town where they with Henry settle to study as the pilot to drive vessels on the river where they studied each island and each bank, for sure.

On a local professional slang of pilots expression Mark Twain meant water level, safe for navigation, in the river, equal to two sea sazhens! So it turned out that Henry drowned during crash of one of steamships. But memory of the brother with whom they competing in speed shouted Mark Twain, Mark Twain! Samuel also took a pseudonym. As you can see, everything is extremely simple! So we will leave the prophet alone is written to

About Mark Twain`s biography much, but I want to tell about what many solid editions are preferred to be held back - about erotic and if you want, to pornographic literature which author is the famous American humorist. Yes, and such sin was found behind it, and not just writing of the most known works The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Yankee at court of the king Artur etc.

Several words about private life of Clemens. He was a little timid with girls and though it was constantly surrounded by nice women, further sighings business did not reach. Friends played a trick on Samuel, but that he could do with himself if at too close stay in biofield beauties began to beat him such nirvenny shiver that he always retired

B 1867 Mark Twain, by then already rather famous journalist, as the correspondent of the " newspaper; Viola California goes to the European cruise by steamship The Quaker - City . It is necessary to float long, and therefore the journalist decides to make to himself the friend that it was not so boring. Its attention is drawn by Charles Lengdon from Elmayr (piece of New - York), the son of the dealer in coal. They quickly find common interests, and Twain for hours listens to the worn-out plate that Charles is not excited about the daddy which has on mind only money, money, money! Another matter his charming sister for whom he always feels so sorry. The matter is that the poor thing a few years ago skated, slipped, fell and for the rest of life became the disabled person. And for the rest she is such pretty girl! At these words of Charlie usually got the photo and showed to Twain the little sister. In a picture it also really was such simpatyulechka

Business ended with the fact that after a while Samuel fell in love with Olivia who in a family was called by Layvi, on most I cannot. And here still the steamship arrived to the nice city of Odessa where charming chicks defiled on the beach, practically without hiding the delights. In a word, Samuel passionately wanted to return somewhat quicker to the USA personally to see the future wife. The writer did not doubt at all that he will manage to achieve its arrangement sooner or later.

The original was not worse than the photo at all, it is a pity only that Charles`s word in the house of the rich dealer was practically possible. And daddy - Lengdon at all not dreamed of such applicant for a hand and heart of the beloved daughter. And the timid young man though who exchanged the fourth ten seemed to Layvi quite decent party. In - the first, he was clever, widely-read, witty, in - the second, is skillful to notice what others did not see, and, at last, she managed to grope its weakest place : costed it slightly - to stroke slightly as the man turned into the most real lamb

Nearly three years Charles, Layvi and their mummy who, naturally, dreamed of happiness of the daughter, storm took this unapproachable fortress, this insensible heap of coal to what it presented the father of family. The drop sharpens water, reluctantly he agreed. No, not on marriage but only on a betrothal, at heart hoping that by then someone will not be obligatory, either donkey, or padishah . But his hopes were vain - young people and did not think to leave. And daddy even had to fork up and lend a little to future son-in-law 12 thousand dollars that that bought the newspaper. In total - it is far better to give the daughter in marriage to the editor and the owner of the newspaper in the opinion of the bourgeois, than for 34 - the summer idler,

promising In the first marriage night newlyweds fairly were worn out. Represented Layv that her husband will be skilled in a delicate question, and he was a virgin! So it was necessary to direct process it! But what it for it charged then a fee! All intimate relations since the first moment were sharpened under Layvi! Was defined only by her desire or unwillingness, there will be they together today or not. Generally, Mark Twain appeared on a lead whether and very short

Liked it to the husband? Hardly! But Layvi slowly grabbed in total. Practically everything, written by Twain`s hand, was exposed to rigid editing his spouse. However, he also did not grumble: the spouse owned a syllable is not worse than it at all, and sometimes her remarks seemed to it very efficient

But here in a bed Here it was very avaricious, hard-fisted. And though she gave birth to Mark Twain to three daughters, but to to a body admitted less frequently. And it, instead of to strengthen a family sadly counted that the man is able to make on 100 sexual intercourses annually for 50 years, and the woman is capable to make on 3000 acts annually (on average on 8-9 acts a day) throughout all the life. For all life, thus, the man is capable of 5000 acts, and the woman on 150000. From all these arithmetic calculations Mark Twain drew such conclusion: each woman has to have a harem from a large number of men still he wrote

A erotic essays, and secretly from the wife as after it editions its sexual post for certain would drag on. Its most considerable work on this subject - 1601: conversations at a fireplace . Before readers there is a queen of England and its court which, sitting at a fireplace, exchange stories about the sexual adventures and victories. Or how to you rather interesting theory of Mark Twain about a candle?

Within 23 days monthly (if only she is not pregnant) with 7 - summer age and to the most death from an old age the woman is ready to active actions. It as a candlestick which is always ready to accept the candle. The man is ready to active actions only throughout some limited period. This activity appears at it somewhere in 16 - summer age, and actions of the man are more senior are already not so high-quality, and intervals between them become longer, unlike it, say, than the great-grandmother who still is able to do it as the young girl. The candlestick is still ready to accept the candle, but here the candle with a current of years becomes softer and weaker, and then at all cannot stand up straight, and it in deep grief is stacked on eternal rest in hope for next Sunday which, however, so never and comes .

All this nedodacha in the delicate sphere it was all the same splashed out outside! After death of the spouse which followed in 1904 at Mark Twain painful interest in little girls began to be shown. He even organized club which called Aquarium . Girls at the age of 13-15 years were clubmen. And it besides that it candle from - for too rare use was it is laid on eternal rest at the age of 50 years, or for the seventeenth year of his matrimonial life.

Dear wives, girlfriends, brides! If you do not want that yours boy (namely so called the spouse Layvi) was fond on an old age of years of nymphets, you remember that he dreams of that it there were at least 100 times a year ]