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How to struggle with sleeplessness creatively? Part 2

we Will continue to study creative ways of fight against sleeplessness.

As at the working woman having a family with free time it is always heavy, and freight of duties releases not at once, the next ways, probably, are the most effective for this category deprived of a dream.

5. Mental visualization slow measured song . The effect is reached because there is a purposeful replacement of the preventing to fall asleep, tiring, intrusive ideas from verbal and visual areas of consciousness.

We will consider on an example, having taken fragments of two songs:

Farewell, the Rocky Mountains ( on the coastal rocks leaving for a stern, huge white letters: The Resident of Severomorsk, revenge! )

On a feat the Fatherland calls ( the Motherland the person and gestures shows that it is time to go )

We took to the open sea ( and I represent the sea )

In a severe and distant campaign (the navigator lays to on the card a long route ).

A of a wave both groan, and cry ( over a stormy sea the shouting seagulls low turn )

I splash aboard the ship ( white foamy crests gush over a board ),

Thawed in far fog Fishing ( the far coastal strip becomes less accurate ) -

our Darling earth ( a fragment of the map of Russia ).

My ship stubborn swings ( a mule on modem connection shakes the My ship file)

the Abrupt sea wave ( of a tsunami on a break ),

Will lift and again she throws ( of people lifts something from the earth, considers and flings away )

Into the boiling chasm. ( whirlpool from Pirates of the Caribbean Sea - 3 )

And so on.

Or here, later song.

Why so in Russia birches rustle ( from a window of the taking-off plane is visible a birchwood, aside the terminal of the international airport ),

Why white-trunked everything is understood ( the sheep-dog raises ears, the look quickens ),

At roads, having leaned, downwind stand ( lean on the lop-sided wooden fence vague shadows )

I so sadly throw foliage ( gesture of the Sower the curly guy in a white shirt scatters birch leaves ).

I will go on the road, a scope I am glad ( the white-headed patsanchik which got away from nurses - mothers, runs on a dirty country road ).

Can do it only all that I in life learn ( prompt of the known newsreel with a nut and the hammer is replaced by a verdict of the searcher By your inquiry nothing is found )

Why so sad leaves fly ( a look traces a stream of leaves to that place from where they fly and finds huge vetroduy )

Under a shirt I smother caressing ( the female palm ironing a male breast in an unbuttoned shirt ).

And on heart it is hot again - hotly ( ambulance the faltering straight line )

I again, and again without answer flies with a siren, on the cardiograph ( www screenshot. mail. ru with the inscription there are no unread messages )

A a leaflet from a birch fell on a shoulder ( a yellow birch leaf stoops down on hasty taken away shoulder )

It as I, came off branches ( the invisible axe cuts from a family tree a branch with the personal coat of arms ).

The sixth very close approaches the fifth way, but in it there is no support in the form of the basic text, everything depends on own imagination and imagination.

6. Inventing plot, characters of heroes, their related communications and so on.

For people of creative professions is required care as if to rasterebit a creative nerve, then it is possible not to fall asleep at all. Therefore about work, especially if the project new, we try not to think in a bed. But often the way perfectly works in adjacent to a zone. The interior designer can think out very detailed scenario, a detective or melodramatic plot. Certainly, with in a leading role. Usually everything comes to an end on detailed prescription of suits.

to Linguists, literary critics, on the contrary, is helped by an inventing and the detailed description of rooms. Not own apartment, but palaces, labyrinths, towers. Anything if only to get confused. Mirrors in massive frames go and note a look the smoking torches, the sunk laying, a web under a ceiling,

we Will distract a little from sleeplessness. Players in RPG well know that than more carefully history of the hero is thought over, the more preliminary details you tried to coordinate, the his acts fit into structure of game and the tselny an image more logically. The game course when your partner " is unpredictable; grew in orphanage and in general only yesterday left a coma and remembers nothing . Neither relatives, nor friends, nor stories some kind of, nor relations to policy, culture, religion And such game very quickly comes to an end. It is uninteresting because.

Generally, the in more detail you draw the picture, than your movie is more interesting, the more you are absorbed by it, the it is simpler to fall asleep if in general it acts on you, of course.

You know what is strange? All this sounds incredibly, and meanwhile offered creative ways are the working methods of real people of various professions and bents, but not author`s fiction. However, and here the thesis about impossibility to pick up a universal remedy was confirmed though it is possible to call this approach creative. The person, it is contraindicated to them to think of anything because thoughts all the same come back to work, is helped by a background bubnilka in the form of hardly heard sports channel. In twenty minutes of the most interesting match he already sleeps, much on envy.

When I will have a sleeplessness, I will surely have a good time. If only not to fall asleep on the middle of the movie. Though it is possible and to look through in a dream.

Good night. And dreams pleasant to all of us.]