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How to struggle with sleeplessness creatively? Part 1

the Subject of fight against sleeplessness, including the analysis of the reasons of its emergence and development of recommendations about that fight, will never be settled as the universal remedy which is suitable all and everyone, not having side effects and contraindications, apparently, does not exist yet.

For a start we will be defined when it is necessary to struggle with sleeplessness. If it is not obligatory to be that is called in shape next day at all if the sleep is not interrupted constantly if one sleepless night or late falling asleep does not affect the general health and mood, then and it is fine, it is possible to find great variety of occupations to spend night alone with itself. Chats with friends who still or any more do not sleep owing to time difference, the Internet - forums with interesting contents, reading books, embroidery, computer games and anything, up to learning of foreign languages if only did not stir it quietly sleeping lucky. Even it becomes a pity when attempt to systematize the obtained information leads to convulsive yawns and the forced blinking. The peephole Sleeps, another sleeps . Than more cleverly the book and the is more important to read it not from interest, and as necessary, the quicker fall asleep.

We will exclude also situations when the dream is disturbed by the disturbing thought which came to mind. If the reason cannot be eliminated, then not before creativity. If it is possible, then check whether gas is switched off (conditionally), whether highly / low pressure in a boiler, whether all as it should be at the late house... Call back to them, specify in help whether flight took off, fasten gates, tire out home cats. Be convinced that everything is all right, and you sleep till the morning.

But if it is necessary to fall asleep, without neglecting a situation, then we will address the nonconventional ways of fight against sleeplessness existing along with pharmaceutical, physiological and hypnotic.

Besides, not all love warm milk with honey.

1. First way, classical. Inventory sheep in separately taken flock .

We consider sheep, money, stops from the house to work and so on.

The way is good the fact that monotony of process tires, the brain begins to react to associations, tries to consider a grass, to glance to a sheep in eyes, to track games which were started by lambs. Unfortunately, sheep ringlets are gradually replaced by types of a sheepskin raccoons minks price tags on fur coats Mother! No!!! Sleeplessness, than such bad dream is better!

can carry also the mental account in a direct and return order Here, but not simple, but intricate, by the set principle. To miss every third figure, for example.

Can also remember metro stations from the house before work further on the line, on the neighboring line, on the ring line.

the Way helps those who need to distract from artistic images. In other words, who and at work has enough in the afternoon creative.

2. Repeated mental drawing simple symbol. For example, by a thick brush on a white background it is removed three . At a brush otryvaniye from a cloth the figure vanishes, and it is possible to start over again.

In this way discretization of mental action is important. Why so? The author of a way does not know, but claims that with laid flatwise eight it is necessary to practise long enough, and with three - time, it is also ready!

3. Routine the working operations which are carried out mentally. For example, creation of the reporting table in Excel, with communications, schedules and so on. Some sensitive natures fail in a dream, beginning to drag a formula on all column and trying to control the movement " carefully; mice . And it is unsurprising. Imitation of working process very promotes falling asleep.

4. Letters to the Roman friend . you Lie and mentally you pronounce the address or the story to someone about events of day or about what occurred since your parting. If you have the blog, you consider about what to write and how exactly and what photos to hang up, representing as they will be slowly filled in in a photo album. Verses can be composed, having taken the casual phrase or interesting thought for a starting point.

Yes, I use ways 3 and 4. there is no

, this article was not written in this way.

, at least, two more creative ways of fight against sleeplessness which will be considered in the second part Exist.]