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Whether the credit is necessary to you?

became fashionable the various credits Now. And, judging by various lines of crediting, for the consumer there are no unattainable purposes. On credit it is possible to get practically everything, beginning from the iron and finishing with a magnificent cottage. On a wave of general consumer boom every second becomes the borrower of various banks. What attracts us in the credits? Interest rates, terms of crediting or reputation of bank? Unfortunately, very few people are guided by such, apparently, obvious truth.

Stop! In most cases for the consumer at registrations of the credit the large role is played by the simple mechanism: Here and now . Available everything! Zakh about dithat in shop, you see goods (optional extremely necessary for you at present) you are interested, and here well dressed young man approaches you and suggests to buy goods. Most often at a discount. You shy object (there is no money), however speak to you - No problem! . The minimum package of documents, 15 minutes, and you happy leave with desired purchase.

Be reasonable! It seems everything is good? But there passes month - payments and those! Yes, unfortunately, it is necessary to pay for everything. As speak: The Debt payment is terrible . You feverishly count percent also see what should be paid much. Eventually, you overpay the decent sum for goods. Who is guilty? Bank or shop? It is thought, you are guilty.

Think! you did not reflect why in shops plates " hang; Thoughtlessly bought goods are not subject to return ? Because it is bought thoughtlessly and the administration of shop does not bear responsibility for it.

Plan! each family has to have a list of necessary purchases for year, month, week. And also elementary strategy of purchase of goods. It is possible to include purchases in the annual list for the large sums, for a month - averages, and for a week of purchase of products. And it is better to plan large purchases for the end of the year. Why? If you have a strategy of acquisition of things, necessary for the house, you will already know that needs to be got within a year. Therefore you can easily calculate the sum of monthly accumulation which is required for purchase of goods for the large sum.

Accumulate and get! Before hasty making out the credit for the pleasant goods, stop and think. Perhaps it is better to postpone monthly certain sum and to make a purchase a little later? Pluses: lack of percent, all the same you will monthly pay the credit, but already with percent, lack of pressure of the party of the creditor. Minuses: it is necessary to wait a little only (time all the same goes).

If to lay off only 10% of the income for a long time (10 - 30 years depending on the income), it is possible to become the millionaire! More favorable option: to make investments in actions (for the long-term period) or to put money for the deposit (on purchase of household appliances).

Today the best strategy of purchases, in my opinion, is everything - accumulation and acquisition (in case there is no necessary sum at once). So you will quietly get the pleasant thing, without overpaying the terribly earned money. So, we save up money and we get!]