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As &ndash Beer is correct to drink beer

; drink democratic - it is drunk practically by all - both women, and man, and rich, and poor, and presidents, and workers … Beer became fashionable and irrevocably entered our life. But, in spite of the fact that &ndash beer; the most national drink, together with it it also the most whimsical drink. As the living being, beer does not suffer careless handling. And we, having got used to use regularly a small bottle - another, forgot already that at drink of beer it is necessary to follow certain rules strictly. Best of all the masters recognized beer affairs &ndash know about it; Czechs. They have 10 precepts of drink of beer, and only observing them, it is possible to derive a maximum of pleasure from drink.

Rule 1. In what to drink beer? The glass, a glass, a mug etc. approaches. Material any, except metal and plastic. The form has no special value, but the top has to be narrowed, and the interior of a vessel to be smooth that beer could flow down.

Rule 2. It is impossible to mix with anything. It is unlikely it is possible to find other such drink which was so not suffering any neighbourhoods . Even with other beer. And any compromises.

Rule 3. As for temperature, whimsical beer accepts only temperature range from plus 5 to plus 10 degrees. Optimum 6 - 8. At lower temperature beer loses taste which is, however, restored. And here if temperature is higher than 10 degrees, then aroma and taste evaporate already forever. Beer is impossible and to cool sharply and the more so to warm up.

Rule 4. To pour beer is special process too. Beer is poured in the center of a mug from height of 2,5 cm over edge of a vessel. When foam thickens, beer is added to the level of three quarters of height of a glass. Therefore it is desirable to go on » beer; with a ruler.

Rule 5. On beer and a cap. Foam has to be perfect - that is almost absolutely white, monolithic sour cream of a consistence, without bubbles. For model foam the glass has to be ideally pure, without the fat remains.

Rule 6. Besides that beer cannot be mixed with anything, it cannot even be poured from one vessel in another. My God it to shake up Upas. It will be already poorly similar to beer because it tends to mix up with oxygen and to fill up as fish ashore.

Rule 7. Beer is not drunk in a volley and not sipped the whole evening. Art of the drink consists that beer should be drunk three drinks. At the first drink a half of a mug is drunk, at the second - a half of the remained beer, and at the third all the rest.

Rule 8. If you in life were not lucky, and the beer taster - not your profession, it is possible to join it, having learned the simple rule. Taste of beer is defined by a back oral cavity, at the root of language. If to be trained, then it is possible to become the expert and to stage the contests Guess » beer;.

Rule 9. The Czech Republic does not fall to any there croutons or chips as snack to beer. There all thoroughly - beer washes down national dishes like fried pork with knedliks. But, in general, in kitchens of other people too there are a lot of dishes to which beer is favorable - game, fried or boiled fish, meat, smoked products. By the way, true judges of beer consider that it is incompatible with salty fish.

Rule 10. How to store? Optimum temperature of storage - from 3 to 8 degrees. Freezers are inadmissible. If you store beer in a flank and in a cellar, then as you already guessed, there should not be nothing, except beer.

Here such it, the most democratic and at the same time the choosiest   drink; - our favourite beer. It demands to itself respect, but also will give wholly.