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What personal qualities the employee without experience has to possess?

Today, in anticipation of the termination of academic year, and for many in anticipation of farewell to the Alma Mater, we will talk about prospects which expect the graduate today. There is an opinion that the category university graduate it is not demanded in labor market. Actually there are companies which are ready to hire young specialists even without experience. Only conditions of selection of these educated candidates special.

Here - that also begins the most interesting. The employer pays attention to personal and business qualities of the person. There is a so-called selection on qualities. Here on them - that we will also concentrate in this release.

The first what the competent head looks at - it is energy and desire to work. It is possible to approach work formally, simply to carry out duty regulations. Certainly, it is very important. But the employee with drive person, which burns is much more interesting by business which is full of enthusiasm to the employer.

The second indispensable condition, is an ability to creativity, ability to propose solutions, to find non-standard methods. Especially creativity is appreciated in an advertizing though in other spheres of business creative approach is necessary too.

The third quality necessary for us is called the scary foreign word result - oriented - it that other, as aiming at achievement of result. Ability to finish begun. Whatever difficulties met when performing a task, it, in - the first, has to be surely executed. And in - the second, it is executed in the stipulated time.

Well and the last quality on which we will concentrate, but not the last to which your future employer will pay attention - it is stability and resilience. There was a person, fell, rose. shook off and went to itself further.

For example, you participate in collective discussion of some working situation. The solution proposed by you caused laughter and disapproval of colleagues. You took offense, became isolated and ceased to participate in further discussion? - Badly, - the employer says, - yours stability it is very low. Also shows the door.

But... you - that already know all these simple cunnings and therefore your interview will end absolutely differently!