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The visa of the bride or How I fought against the U.S. Embassy in Russia?

Visiting the best friend immigrating in the USA I unintentionally met the future husband Mr. Stein. After two weeks spent together Mr. Stein made me the proposal of a hand and heart that caused in me some trembling and nervousness.

And I went back, home, to Russia. To think. By then at me was about what to think - I was married two times - the first time within 5 months (student`s marriage - all marry, and I what, red? - at divorce and the section of property I got a ceramic jug, and to my student`s husband - the tape recorder), but from the second time I had son of 9 years and two dachshunds what I also reported to Mr. Stein about - or in set, or in any way.

In few months I solved - and why and is not present! Also agreed to become Mr. Stein`s wife.

Then tests and adventures began. Anew Mr. Stein had to start process and receive references and the decisions from America - for example what it does not consist on the account in psikhdispanser of the country (?) also can financially support the new wife and the son... That it will be where to live and that is... That if get sick, then will pay for treatment... What loves and is sorry... What only the death will separate... That in health and diseases... and so on - in interview with the employee of Immigration Service...

After that the thick folder with the documents including our photos in a seminude look - by the boat and in bathing suits - went to the U.S. Embassy to Russia.

So, now the sphere (or a ball) appeared on my party as speak in Russia now. I was called on meeting in the U.S. Embassy. For the first time I was channelized on medical examination for me and the son (dogs were not surveyed) to be convinced that we do not pose bacterial threat for the United States of America. After that I and my son met the representative of consulate for the first time. Questions were simple - And why you, the boy, want to America? And whom you, the lady, work in Russia? and so forth

during the second interview questions went more vividly. Looking to me directly in eyes, the employee of embassy asked: Madam, you specified that you were is married twice. In your documents there is only one certificate on divorce... I began to start to boil as an old monastic samovar. Since then I moved two times, and there passed 16 years... Therefore I directly asked it: You what, you consider that we live in the barbarous state? And me would allow to marry for the second time, without being divorced in the first?

Having looked down eyes, my opponent removed a question from the agenda. But the main thing was ahead. Without raising eyes, the representative of the United States of America in Russia asked me the following question: And whether your future husband Mr. Stein knows that you were she is twice married?

At this moment he ceased to deal with a samovar, now he dealt with a furious African elephant who destroys everything on the way. By the voice squeezed from rage I asked it: You want to tell me that you need to receive from my future husband Mr. Stein the reference certified notarially that he agrees to marry me... what only the death will separate... that in diseases and health... (see above) - in spite of the fact that I two times was married? On what question also received the answer - yes.

the Measured tread having left embassy, I arrived home from where I immediately called the future husband Mr. Stein, having woken him in the middle of the night, and dictated to it the maintenance of the fax which it had to send to the U.S. Embassy in Russia for the next day.

Perhaps, my future husband Mr. Stein added something from himself, but when I came to the U.S. Embassy next day, my representative, without looking at me, told me that my visa is ready and I can go to America at any time.

Then began another story altogether - As I went in marriage to America, or Great travel with the son and dogs...]