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The house on Scala: eighth wonder of the world?

the House are a car for housing.


How many the countries you, the reader, visited how many he surprising sights and wonders of the world examined, believe - remotely similar you did not see anything yet. The house on Scala has no similar in the world: it is symbiosis of the architectural genius with the most unique collection of rarities from around the world, a stately tribute to beauty and power of the nature in combination with human creative energy. Annually this eighth wonder of the world shakes and amazes half a million visitors. And each of examined this unique masterpiece will repeat words of the queen Elizabeth: It cannot just be! .

Always there will be an uneasy unruly person to whom it is not sat in place, and he looks for to the own harm adventures from which miracles will be born then. In far 40 - e years the young rich man Alex Jordan from the city Madison, the State of Wisconsin, spat all obrydstvo of idle life, packed tent and simple food, and the Shelter of Deer in the beauty hilly spot near the resort Wisconsin known now - Dells was removed on rock top. From rock top to it amazing valleys Wyoming Vellya and hills opened, he was literally shocked, bewitched by these types. At night the flown storm swept its tent, and then Alex for himself solved - here, on this boulder he will build the house, strong and reliable.

On height of 150 meters 5 thousand tons of limestone and 5 thousand tons of crushed stone and, a stone to a stone were lifted, the room to the room, the house began to grow from the rock as the embodiment of impudence human and persistence. In 14 - ti rooms of this amazing house everything carried a print of taste of his owner: the house organically fitted into a natural landscape, he breathed space and air, finishing from natural materials was combined with interior design, internal falls and the huge ancient fireplaces.

About the house started talking, and people were flown down to a rock foot from every quarter of America. Alex hospitably allowed people to examine the possession. The ladder and unique survey 375 - the foot stage hanging over tops of trees was constructed. And in 1960 there was inevitable - the house turned into the museum, a payment for which visit Alex established for all times - 50 cents. These copper money the owner immediately invested in improvement of the possession and in acquisition of unique rarities for the collections.

Exhibits of thematic collections are unique and eclectic. In each of halls of the House on Scala the collection is placed. Alex considered that lighting and musical registration of each hall is capable to strengthen emotional effect of contemplation, and each collection - from the hall of dolls to the hugest roundabout in the world under a roof - is followed by the music and differs in lighting.

Acquaintance to the museum begins with the first, perverse hall of mechanical musical instruments for the whole symphonic orchestra. It is impossible to believe that all these tools play without living musicians - so naturally sounding of each tool and an orchestra in general. It comes to an end in 14 - m the hall under the name Infinity . This hall in the form of an arrow has 3256 windows and hangs the arrow in 218 feet in air at the height of 156 feet over tops of trees. You go on an arrow and a floor rocks under legs, takes the breath away...

One of halls, Mill contains one of the biggest fireplaces in the world, a collection of porcelain dolls, the most unique types of small arms.

" hall; Starinnaya Street represents paved a red brick the street of the 19th century: office of the sheriff, pharmaceutical benches, saloons, mail, bank, shops. Along the street there are ancient crews, poster curbstones, hitching posts. Not I one have a feeling of walk on the real street - all speak about it with surprise passersby : the hall ceiling absolutely drops out of sight. You go along the real XIX Century Street, and and you wait to see driving promptly from - for a corner of horse cowboys in leather states and color bright kerchiefs. To the far Hollywood street from plywood backs of scenery to the House on Scala! Present all here!

But here the street comes to an end, and suddenly organically get to a sea kingdom - the hall where the unique collection of sea sailing vessels is collected, and over the hall the sea monster height about the Statue of Liberty reigns.

" hall; Nostalgia strikes with a collection of piece unique ancient cars. At one of them the case is entirely made of one hundred thousands of pieces of smalt. Over cars ancient balloons soar. The similar hall tried to collect Imperial Oriental carpet one of hotels of Las Vegas, but at all huge gambling money of the City of the Sin, he could not repeat uniqueness of this collection. (There, by the way one of Brezhnev`s cars is exposed).

In the " hall; Spirit of Aircraft it is possible to track all history of development of aircraft and to see ancient aircraft and airplanes. To entice me, the pilot`s daughter, from this hall to continue survey of the House on Scala, can only the tempting offer sit in nostalgic aviacafe 50 - x years with a copper rack and ancient cash registers and expectation of a meeting with, perhaps, main miracle of the House on Scala - a huge roundabout.

The rotary hall is lit in 20 thousand lamps from 183 chandeliers. (A riddle for me - as they manage to change the fused bulbs!) . The biggest roundabout of handwork in the world carries on itself 269 different rotary animals, any of whom is not a horse. Each of animals - a surprising work of art. Only you will detain an inquisitive glance, on the contrary, already on another you will gasp.

One of halls of the House on Scala will surprise you with two doll roundabouts. Here unique dolls from colonial to the Victorian style are collected. Each doll - a rarity. The furniture of dolls differs in the scrupulous detailing. Everyone separately for Sotheby`s - a nail!

The circus hall is well-known for the huge circus buffoonery with a mechanical orchestra from 40 musicians and 80 musical instruments. Eyes run up to watch this miracle.

The gallery hall strikes with the rarities: laces, glass, porcelain, the weapon, jeweler rarities from a collection of the British royal dynasty. The kaleidoscope of surprising exhibits by the end of survey causes emotional shock. It seems, some more seconds, and an organism will not sustain such pressure of impressions, but by the end of survey you get to the trailing " hall; Infinity where the view from windows of gallery on hills and valleys of Wisconsin gives relief and calm.

You leave the palace - the museum through the lower park with the Japanese ponds and falls through a rock-garden. You carry away with yourself beauty, tranquility and a pacification. You know that else you will return here. In total 4 hours of the return driving to Chicago on the night highway you smile kindly and light-- the House on Scala gave to drink you beauty and belief in the happy future of the mankind capable to grow up from rocks the similar car for housing.]