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How to fight against dependence of health on bad weather?

are Not enough to establish influence of bad weather on health, it is necessary to fight against dependence of our health, working capacity, mood, at last, from infinite differences of atmospheric pressure, wind.

In recent times, years so 20 back, according to medical statistics about 75% of people felt weather today this figure can make and more than 90% of our population. It means that all of them are in a varying degree unhealthy, have some illnesses. Today much about it it is written, but I will try to remind all of us of how weather influences us and as to fight against it.

Agree, almost healthy people are at what all systems of an organism work well-coordinated, and they do not feel any painful reactions to changes in environment. But if the person began to feel weather, so in its organism the condition of a preillness preventing it to adapt to changes was already created. To all of us the known fatigue which collected for long time without holiday or even by the end " is the reason of the increased meteosensitivity; difficult day . But if after rest hypersensibility to weather changing does not disappear, it is necessary to see a doctor and to be examined.

Sick people transfer vagaries of the weather and change of climate especially hard - of course, at this or that disease in own way. The medicine in the field of climatology and a climatotherapy distinguishes five types of the weather conditions influencing health of the person.

Indifferent , with insignificant fluctuations of meteoconditions - when the person does not feel any influence of weather on the organism.

Toning - when weather changing favorably influences the person, especially patients with chronic oxygen insufficiency, with arterial hypotonia, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis.

Spastic the type is shown during sharp weather changing towards a cold snap when atmospheric pressure grows and the content of oxygen in air considerably increases. Then people with the increased arterial pressure can have head and cardiac pains caused by spasms.

Hypotensive the type of weather can be shown at a tendency to decrease in amount of oxygen in air: then at patients the tone of vessels decreases, hypertensive persons, for example, feel better at this time - pressure at them decreases.

The fifth type of weather - hypoxemic when weather changes towards warming and decrease in content of oxygen in air. People in such days have an oxygen insufficiency.

the People having any illness first of all have to be engaged in its treatment, certainly. All the rest - some recommendations according to experts in the field.

So, at reaction of spastic type well helps the distracting therapy - hot bathtubs for legs, a contrast shower, a sauna or the Russian bath with sharp change of temperatures, gymnastics. It is an effective method. Sometimes even one month spent in special sanatorium with well put climatotherapy and physical culture happens enough almost completely to get rid of meteosensitivity. People, whose tortures begin at approach of cyclones with their sharp warming, can recommend the physical exercises promoting saturation of an organism oxygen: walking, run, skis, respiratory gymnastics, cold rubdowns. People with the lowered arterial pressure can be helped by polyvitamins, infusions of the stimulating herbs - a magnolia vine, strong brewing tea.

Many apply auto-training to fight against many diseases. But here in fight against a meteopatiya to use it it is useless. As there is a real atmospheric action - temperature and humidity of air, content of oxygen, electromagnetic oscillations etc. The only thing, than can help auto-training, so it lighten mood in gloomy weather.

And in conclusion I will remind still that climate, the movement and food are major factors on which health of the person depends.

Progress to you, take care and good luck!]