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To whom are elite high-rise buildings vital?

Perhaps, I too fondly belong to life? Or I have a heightened sense of justice? I do not know. In any case what I want to tell now about, excited me up to the soul depth.

On the Gelendzhik coast of the Black Sea there is surprisingly cozy and hospitable place: the whole park of a pitsundsky pine in the territory of which it was located rather is located a children`s summer camp. The sea - two hundred meters, silence and a cool, total absence of mosquitoes and flies is also unique clean air. The camp, of course, was rather poor: lodges wooden, conveniences - on the street Yes unless it so was important for children who took away pioneer friendship and the general songs, equal suntan and a charge of solar energy to the more northern regions?

The Gelenzhdiksky bay blue - blue, many of us quite so imagine the ideal place for summer holiday. Parents with pleasure brought the children here and when also pioneers were not any more, and red ties got out of fashion and out of the use.

Who in the childhood visited good summer camp, that knows how strongly camp change is capable to help the child with life. Here ability to communicate and exist in collective, to bear responsibility for itself and for those who nearby, here are fully realized the creative potential of the person which can define then both future profession, and all future is formed. I mean good children`s camp, there are many examples of how unfair work of leaders and tutors, badly organized rest and worthless living conditions left extremely negative impression of rest.

And this camp was good: the management of camp scrupulously concerned to what impression will remain about camp both at children, and at their parents. Leaders in this camp took exclusively creative and responsible, casual people here was not. Talented and honest cooks worked at kitchen, they tried to cook to children well and variously therefore children were full and happy. Generally, everything was good. You will tell what so does not happen? And was, you can believe me.

Once in a shadow of the well-known pitsundsky pines several well-fad men accompanied by high guys in sunglasses appeared. Men wandered on camp, examined scornfully sports ground and summer shower, and by the evening terrible news blew over camp: the territory of camp is sold. Next summer there will not arrive children and the simultaneous hubbub thousands of children`s voices will not merge in a uniform summer ringing.

At first all were indignant. Then cried. And then were indignant again when learned that all summer town will go under demolition, will root out a pitsundsky pine, and on this place will construct an elite housing estate.

The summer ended, there left camp the last leader, the dining room was closed, from beaches carried away plank beds. The territory of camp was enclosed with a high blind fence. Since then there passed four years. No construction works behind a fence began, the summer town slowly grasses, lodges come to desolation and decay. Well and children, of course, there too nobody invites.

For many children who during summer camp change, having for the first time come off parents, got friends, learned a sense of responsibility for themselves and collective and just found self-confidence the camp became a vital necessity.

And to whom elite high-rise buildings are vital? It is more and more children`s camps and recreation facilities it is closed on all Black Sea coast of Russia. And on their place grow park - hotels, beach discos, restaurants and elite bungalows. Yes we have not a lot of elite, and that that is, prefers French riviera of Turkey or the Emirates as the vacation spot for a long time. For whom all this quickly expanding magnificence is designed? On foreign tourists? And whether they will want to go to us, seeing how we treat own children?

And still: in order that the same park of a pitsundsky pine as what is going to be rooted out, at least two hundred years are necessary grew...]