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Trickled pastries. How to prepare these appetizing lumps?

of Trickled pastries (from it. klofichen - a lump) on structure are very various, happen both meat, and sweet. And they can be prepared as an independent dish when bothers to prepare daily same. Only it is necessary to give them directly with a heat about a heat, did not cool down yet...

There are many recipes of preparation of these tasty lumps, but I will tell about my most favourite. It is necessary for their preparation a minimum of products and a minimum of time, and it turns out very tasty.

Cabbage trickled pastries . For their preparation it is required to you: a quarter of a head of cabbage, 2 tablespoons of semolina, 2 eggs, is a little butter, sugar, salt, pepper.

Small we slice cabbage, we fill in with water or milk, and on small fire we bring to readiness. Then, constantly stirring slowly, we pour semolina and we cook before solidification.

We cool weight to a warm state, we add some egg and spice, we stir. We roll dough with a sausage on a table, we strew with crackers, we cut pieces, we form balls and we cook 10 minutes in salty water.

Such trickled pastries perfectly will approach as a garnish cutlets and mashed potatoes. Objedeniye!

Meat trickled pastries. we Will take 4 potatoes, 300 g of mincemeat, a bulb, egg, flour and spices. Potatoes we clean

and we rub on a small grater. Excess juice is wrung out, and mashed potatoes it is mixed with flour and egg to a condition of dense weight. It is possible to boil a half of potatoes in uniforms and to wipe - it will turn out more gently. Surely think - what spices to add? Perhaps you will risk to add the crushed garlic or the fried golden onions? We form balls of weight, we stuff them with mincemeat. Then we shift in a pot, we add a little vegetable oil and we extinguish on small fire.

Let`s experiment a little and we will try to prepare Sweet trickled pastries. we Mix boiled rice with raisin, we add egg, it is a little flour, to taste we salt, we pour sugar and a little a paprika. We mix, we form balls, we bread them in polished cheese and we fry.

We will replace rice with cottage cheese, instead of a paprika we will add vanillin, we will boil trickled pastries - we will receive other dish is perfect!

We will try so: let`s rub on a large grater 3 morkiv, we will add egg, 4 tablespoons of semolina, sugar and a little torments. Let`s bread balls in crackers and we will lower in boiled water.

Isn`t that so, at all seasons of the year in kitchen it is possible to prvodit time very cheerfully? Only it is necessary to give vent to the imagination! And all these sweet trickled pastries - an excellent dessert with a smetanka!

Bon appetit!]