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What has to be a bedroom?

the Bedroom, as we know, the most intimate room intended for rest therefore its interior has to create the quiet and pacifying atmosphere. The main thing for a bedroom - a healthy sleep, at this time we are exempted from fatigue, we fill and we accumulate energy. So, we will begin one after another

the Size bedrooms can be various: one choose for this purpose spacious rooms, others, owing to the material resources or taste, are content with small rooms. How many square meters are given to a bedroom actually - not so important. The main thing - to remember that the general furniture and its color scale have to correspond to the bedroom sizes.

In a small bedroom it is better to use easy air of tone to create feeling of depth of space and freedom. In spacious it is possible to use bright, saturated colors which will create a bigger cosiness.

Try not to encumber a bedroom with furniture . In the small room, as a rule, place 3 main piece of furniture: a bed, a dressing table and a wardrobe which move up to walls. Though options which again - depend on your preferences and opportunities there can be a set. To someone the free room in which there is nothing, except a bed and bedside tables is more to liking. Others find in it the place for a dresser, a cosmetic little table or even allocate a working zone.

That the person could absolutely relax during a dream, it is necessary to arrange correctly a bed . Experts on the fan - Shui advise not to put a bed headboard towards an entrance door and not to sleep legs towards it. It should be put so that you could see who enters the room. For this purpose it is possible to move up a bed to a lateral wall or to establish on diagonal. Reduce the corners directed to a bed to a minimum, and bedside tables should not be above a mattress. Also it is not recommended to hang up heavy pictures, lamps and regiments over a bed. Though the graceful glass shelf located at the correct height (not to hit against it the head), is one of popular objects of a modern interior.

Long since treated a dream with respect, and this respect was transferred to bed linen . In rich houses it not only was made of durable materials, but also decorated with an embroidery. The most beautiful things were descended, were proud of them, showed them to guests, and the Russian school of a linen embroidery was famous across all Europe.

Bed linen in the house had to be for all occasions. On a bed laid three sheets. At first filled a mattress. Put on it linen, and then - a sheet from fine flax with finishing. One more sheet was enclosed under a blanket, sometimes it was fastened to a blanket buttons, and blanket covers habitual to us appeared only about half a century back. From the point of view of power a lot of things depend on material from which the linen is sewed. Of course, in this regard than the linen more naturally, it is better for those.

It is not necessary to abuse in a bedroom mirrors . There is usually enough mirror on the dressing table standing, for example, in a room corner. If a mirror big, it makes a bedroom is more spacious and is lighter. But anyway at an arrangement of mirrors you remember that the sleeping person should not be reflected in a smooth surface.

As floor covering the best option: and to legs is warmer, and is by sight cozier, and the most important - a minimum of damage to health. It is undesirable to use linoleum in a bedroom. The parquet or a laminate can be more expensive, but less harmful alternative to it.

According to experts, to the TV in a bedroom also not the place. But it theoretically, in practice leaves so that many cannot just fall asleep, without having watched the next series of the favourite movie. And there is also it that someone quickly falls asleep only under sounds of the working TV.

Let your bedrooms will be beautiful and cozy, and the love and understanding reign in your family nests! ]