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How to pass examination in traffic police?

Hurrah! At last! The driving school is graduated and ahead the last, but the most responsible step to receiving the right to steer the car - examination in traffic police. Of course, the person who acquired the rights cannot call himself the driver yet. This rank it is possible to deserve, having passed not one thousand kilometers on city streets, and that not always. In this article I want to share the conclusions and impressions of passing an examination in traffic police as from one of the main steps on the way to skill of driving.

Now examination in traffic police consists from 3 - x stages: the theory, maneuvering on the platform and driving in the conditions of real traffic. Speak about it at an introduction lesson.

For certain each candidate for drivers very much wants to overcome this test from the first. For this purpose it is necessary to cope, first of all, with himself, to relax and to forget about a desired crust. It is necessary just to show what you learned. And it will be hard. Any examinations excite especially when so there is a wish to take control of the driver`s license as soon as possible.

Part 1. Theory. To cope with the equipment of work does not represent. The main thing - is attentive to read a question. Up to the end. It is attentive to consider the image (if it is) and not less attentively to read the offered answers. Many questions are made so that to make an annoying mistake only by a carelessness as easy as shelling pears. Time is given enough so calm down, concentrate and start.

Before examination it is possible to be trained. There is a mass of the training programs allowing to be prepared for theoretical part of examination. Also it can be made on a page of the website of traffic police to the address www. gai. ru/pdd. Do not try to learn the correct answers. It is better to penetrate and understand each situation traced in the ticket. Ask someone from familiar drivers to explain with an experience to you the unclear moments if the reading over of rules does not help.

Part 2. Platform.

In St. Petersburg this start-off from the place on rise, the parallel parking a backing and a turn in three steps. The platform is equipped very well: the marking, cones, places for a turn is enough, rise real.

Waiting for the turn you should not look constantly for a fence and to spy upon handing over. Only you pile on the agony. Approached, estimated a situation - and away.

Having heard before examination from friends about that, when landing in the car legs shiver, I sincerely was surprised. Thanks to the instructor, I rather surely felt a day before examination and did not doubt that I with ease will execute everything that is required as more than once made it on occupations. However, having taken the wheel on the platform near the employee of traffic police, understood that legs really shiver, extraneous noises seem a jackhammer sound, and it is not possible to hear vibration of the car at start-off on rise as I vibrate not less the engine.

Result - the engine decayed on rise, and the car foully swept back. Having right there reconciled to the fact that I failed (though it was unclear, why to finish all exercises), calmed down, and ideally executed the rest. I was lucky, the examiner gave me the second chance, and I all - handed over the platform. But could not carry! Therefore the main thing - tranquility.

Part 3. Driving in the conditions of real traffic.

Maximum of minutes 5. Routes are thought over in advance so tasks before you can rise various.

Before examination it is necessary to take an interest at the instructor about such important trifles as: whether it is necessary to be fastened in the car when to put on a bench hammer, etc. Also can tell you examining about it. For example, when I took examination, it was possible not to be fastened and not everywhere to put on a bench hammer for saving of time.

In day of examination you should spend to traffic police about 8 hours so take care of comfortably to feel: convenient clothes on weather, any excess things in hands.

I hope that my experience though will help a little those who should take examination driving test.

And there is a wish to finish this narration with words of my teacher of a theoretical course: when you acquire the rights, bring them at first home, and then note your success. So, just in case .

Good luck!