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What to do when legs swell?

Hypostasis of legs - quite frequent phenomenon. Women and stout persons suffer from puffiness generally. In itself it is unpleasant when legs swell. But even more unpleasantly for the fact that hypostases seriously break work of vascular system, forcing heart to work with the raised loading.

Many consider that puffiness - a cosmetic problem which arises from - for big liquid consumption. But it not always so. There are many reasons of puffiness, and many of them are not so harmless.

Flat-footedness, stagnation of a lymph, the wrong metabolism, a varicosity, problems with kidneys or big load of legs can cause hypostasis of legs.

Generally anklebones of legs swell - it can be the first symptom of heart failure. At young people hypostasis of legs occurs generally from - for problems with vessels. Hypostases occur at elderly people from - for chronic heart diseases.

Incorrectly picked up footwear can be the reason of hypostases. You should not wear shoes as on very high heel, and absolutely flat footwear. It is better to wear shoes on a small heel. The footwear has to be spacious, not squeeze a leg, and toes have to settle down in natural situation.

At a varicosity you do not wear stockings, they squeeze part of a hip and break krovoobmen. You wear better panty hoses - on sale there are even special medical panty hoses.

After 7 o`clock in the evening try to use liquids less. For a conclusion of excess liquid from an organism use herbs decoctions. Broths from bark and berries of elder are effective at hypostasis of legs and kidneys. If on your legs varicose knots, then impose on them the steamed-out elder leaves.

Drink diuretic collecting from birch kidneys, extract of a field horsetail. Here one of recipes: take

a field horsetail, sporysh, birch kidneys - on 2 - 3 tablespoons of each ingredient. 1 teaspoon of mix on 1 glass of boiled water, then 15 minutes on a water bath, 30 minutes to insist and filter. On 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after food. To drink 3 days, 1 day - a break. Course 3 weeks. It is necessary to store broth in the cool place.

There is such plant - astragat. It appears, broth from it not only reduces puffiness, but also well influences on warmly - vascular system. For preparation of broth of 10 g of an astragal trouble a glass of boiled water, slowly cool and filter. It is necessary to accept broth on 2 - 3 tablespoons 2 - 3 times a day within 2 weeks. After a three-day break to repeat a course of treatment. The general course of treatment lasts 4 - 6 months.

In fight against hypostases of legs use ointments: lioton, essaven gel, troksevazin, geparinovy ointment. These ointments contain routines and heparin which strengthen capillary system. The ointments made on the basis of a horse-chestnut are good.

Do to also your swelled legs massage and trays. It is possible to add sea salt to water of a tray, it well helps at puffiness and will relax your legs. For 5 - 10 minutes it is possible to lower legs in cold water, then easy pinches mass the swelled sites from below up.

Do gymnastics for legs. Put the right foot on left. Lift a sock as it is possible above, then do the same exercise with the right leg. Get up on socks and a postoyta several seconds. Then make 5 - 10 jumps on tiptoe. Sit down on a chair, raise legs and do rotary roundabouts of a stupnyama. Bend toes down and sharply unbend them up.

Such simple charging if to do it every day, will prevent hypostasis and weight in legs.]