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How to be protected from Chernobyl?

passed More than two decades after the Chernobyl accident of 1986, however it affects on health still. At people (liquidators, the population around accident) the immune system which in modern conditions needs to be supported and restored strongly suffered.

For prevention and maintenance of immune system the modern medicine widely uses alginates. What is it?

Alginates are salts of alginic acid, namely sodium, potassium, magnesian and calcic. These salts possess the immunostimulating abilities.

Alginic acid was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Stanford as a part of some sea plants, after it found Kefting and called it vodoroslevy. It and now is got from brown seaweed - the laminarias better known as sea cabbage.

Annually in the world make and consume 25000 tons of alginic acid. It found application not only in medicine, but also in textile, food, perfumery industries.

Recently sharply interest in alginates from medicine increased. Their application in medicine goes in two directions, as biologically active agents and as excipients by production of finished pharmaceutical products.

Sea pharmacology just arises, and in the near future vegetable and animal organisms can become a unique source of the new drugs capable to cure the most serious illnesses.

The laminaria which is for today one of sources of alginates in the future will become raw materials for new preparations, it is inexhaustible in the opportunities.

Properties alginates have very versatile. Alginates stimulate fagotsitoz. Stimulation of fagotsitarny protection provide antimicrobic, antifungal and antiviral activity of preparations from laminarias.

Alginates attract to themselves (occlude) and do inactive the immune complexes circulating in blood. The excess quantity of the circulating immune complexes in blood damages a vascular wall of the smallest blood vessels practically in all bodies that causes inflammatory reaction.

Alginates are capable to occlude (to connect) excess quantity of a special class of immunoglobulins (E) which cause acute allergic reactions and diseases. Alginates stimulate synthesis of antibodies of local specific protection that does skin, mucous membranes steady against action of microbes. It is a peculiar barrier of an organism from microbes.

Alginates help an organism most to struggle with infections, various illnesses, awaken an organism from hibernation and make active its internal potential, allergies do not allow to be shown.

Alginic acid possesses ability to absorb and bring toxins out of an organism. Use of alginates allows an organism to cope with ecological overloads. Alginates promote a conclusion from an organism of salts of heavy metals which first of all affect kidneys and system of a kroveobrazovaniye.

The particular interest causes ability of alginates to connect and bring radionuclides out of an organism. Experience of treatment of the patients injured with the Chernobyl accident showed that alginates of sodium and calcium strongly contact radioactive strontium (settling in fabrics and bones) and bring him out of an organism.

Similar action on a human body such ordinary product as sea cabbage possesses. It is also capable to restore violations of functions of immune system of the person.]