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How to prepare tasty teftelk?

meatballs differ From cutlets not only in a form. In - the first, meatballs are breaded only in flour. In - the second, to them, meat (or fish) boiled rice, vegetables, mashed potatoes or dried fruits add. In - the third, meatballs are served directly in sauce.

The matter is that this feature goes from an origin of meatballs, namely from Turkic cuisine where they were invented. The most natural sauce for meatballs - fried onions, tomatoes, leek, a celery, garlic in meat broth, zagushchenny flour and the acidified sour cream or juice of sour fruit.

We will try to prepare this tasty dish together.

Pass - teftelk from chicken.

to you it is required to b: 500 g of chicken meat, bulb, greens, apple, spices, flour.

We crush chicken fillet, a bulb and the peeled apple in the combine or we pass via the meat grinder twice. We add spices, flour, the crushed greens and we stir. By wet hands it is formed small balls, we bread them in flour and we fry in oil on a frying pan to readiness of 10 - 15 minutes. And balls can be dunked then into a curry or a paprika. Perish the thought to extinguish them - they and so rather juicy from an apple. And sauce can be served separately.

Drunk meatballs.

to you it is required to b: 500 g of mincemeat, 2 eggs, 50 g of cheese, 1 garlic glove, 100 ml of milk, breadcrumbs, and... eh, 100 ml of red wine.

We add to mincemeat eggs, grated cheese, couple of spoons of crackers, spices and it is well mixed. We form balls of the size of egg, we do them slightly flat and we bread in flour. On a frying pan we warm oil with the crushed garlic and we fry meatballs from two parties on strong fire. We pour in milk and wine, we add spice for a piquancy and on small fire we hold 10 more minutes, overturning meatballs. Then objects we delete on a dish, and we pour into sauce a little grated cheese and we boil, will not thicken yet.

A dish, of course, not for every day, but for romantic evening - that it is necessary!

It is possible to include the imagination and to try to prepare " meatballs; playful . we take any recipe As a basis, but in each teftelinka we put surprise : to chicken - raisin, a lemon, nutlets. And to meat - prunes, a marinated cucumber. In total, of course, in the crushed look. Not only very tasty to eat such teftelk, but also it is very interesting: what will get inside!?

Appetite pleasant to you!]