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When sacks for hands became gloves?

of the Glove are the adaptation created by the person for protection of hands. From cold, from heat, for performance of rough work. The first gloves looked very simply: small sacks for hands which tied on a wrist.

Scientists claim that such gloves appeared in Ancient Egypt, for several millennia B.C. It is considered that in gloves Egyptians worked, protecting hands, and ate, protecting hands from hot food. The ancient glove was found at excavation of a tomb of Tutankhamun, and this glove had difference - in it already all fingers were divided.

If to address ancient Greeks, then they did not approve the people wearing gloves including them mollycoddles. Generally ancient Greeks used gloves for work. As the proof to it serves Homer describing the Odyssey, the found father in gloves behind weeding of weeds.

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance became time of a cult of gloves. The glove got except a functional purpose also symbolical, it became attribute of the power - royal, judicial, episcopal. The glove works on an equal basis with the press, testifies to the high status of its owner.

The era of gloves proceeds up to the end of the 19th century when was considered to go outside without gloves indecent. Each following the fashion lady in the clothes had several tens pairs of gloves.

At the end of the 18th century the long gloves which won popularity at exacting women of fashion become fashionable, interest of men in gloves increases. According to contemporaries, Napoleon Bonaparte in the collection had more than 240 pairs of gloves. It carried them almost round the clock and urged adherents to arrive also.

Men`s gloves, upon the demand of fashion of the 19th century, completely lost jewelry, became strict, ascetic. And women had pleasures - extravagant gloves without fingers - mitts became fashionable. Following a zapoyavleniye of openwork stockings openwork gloves appeared.

To Europe from Russia deliver incredibly soft and elastic kidskin gloves for which production there was leather of newborn kids and lambs. The most fashionable women`s gloves became goat, and man`s - pork, and for sports gloves took leather of dogs.

The last surge in interest in gloves falls on the middle of the XX century. Can seem to the contemporary that romanticism which shrouded centuries history of gloves is lost, but recent trends of fashion say that any collection of fashionable clothes does not do without such important accessory as gloves. They allow to emphasize competently and favourably uniqueness of the created image.

Today production of high-quality gloves requires skin of special manufacture. It has to be strong and at the same time thin, smooth, elastic. Thickness of glove skin makes 0,4 - 1,0 mm. The less thickness of skin, as a rule, is more expensive than a glove to those (an exception gloves make of leather of a deer - the more thickly, the more expensively).

Main types of glove skin following. Leather of a lamb - is used at production enough expensive, elite gloves. Leather of a kid - more rigid skin, thick, less elastic, than leather of a lamb, has porous structure, is usually used for cheaper gloves.

Leather of a deer is traditional material for production of gloves. Its main properties - elasticity, softness, durability and a high heat-shielding, prevails characteristic shagreen drawing. The source of raw materials of production of a buckskin settles down in northern territories.

Very seldom, not for mass production of gloves, use leather of a carp and other large fishes, goose-pimples, ostrich`s skin. In process socks it is better than others a glove from a buckskin, leather of a kid are inexpensive gloves.

Gloves of production of Italy, Finland, Hungary are elite and expensive, they have various color scale. The Czech and Romanian gloves do of skin which looks most naturally. It should be noted that some Ukrainian gloves on consumer properties are brought closer to Hungarian, but cost much cheaper.

And that who appreciates gloves only heat it is time to look at them in a new way long ago. The gloves chosen with skill and taste, will protect your hands from cold, wind, a rain, will emphasize nobility of lines, will serve as expression of individual style, and even will witness your respectability today.]