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What during a holiday - Nowruz?

From depth of immemorial times,

having arisen a radiant sparkle,

as diamond in the Mother`s subsoil - Earth,

came to us blessed Nowruz.

On March 21 to us the spring holiday - Nowruz which is widely celebrated in all east countries comes. Holiday of the vernal equinox.

Having lived almost all life in Uzbekistan, I got used to this holiday and considered it just as arrival of Spring. But recently I was told one national legend or the myth of its origin.

Once kind elderly woman Adzhuz served as a midwife at Spring. God of the sky Tengri built to Spring in heaven the azure palace. The midwife had an assistant by the name of Guldur. When till the birth of Nowruz there were several days, from valleys warm wind and people blew, rejoicing to heat, spoke each other: These are winds of aunts Adzhuz and Guldur .

With approach of childbirth kind women hurried to give by Spring to it help. But on the way they were waited terrible miracles from the mountain by Kokhi Kaf who intended to prevent it.

The miracle had an accomplice - the cunning and artful old woman Zima. Having decided to do much harm Adzhuz and Guldur, stars with the accomplice were brought together in a bag by all dirty tricks and nasty things what exist on light to fill with them on women.

Several times they tried to get into Vesna`s rooms, but every time failed. In powerless rage artful Zima vented the hatred on trees and living beings. However cold weather and icy colds of the grown old Zima did not affect surrounding any more. And then, having collected snow-storms and snow in the hem, she went to steppes, scattering from a hem on the earth there everything that at it remained. Thus she tried to interfere with awakening of the nature. Seeing that it cannot master with a spring, decrepit Zima decides to leave back home, to the mountain Kokhi Kaf.

And in the azure palace in heaven Adzhuz already swaddles the child of the woman in labor Vesna and that the child did not maleficiate, hides it from all. But to expiate the child, Vesna needs to find clear water. And Guldur collects all clouds in the sky, beats them with the staff, and over the earth during this instant the thunder begins to rattle, lightnings sparkle and the rain flows.

Then Adzhuz fills a trough with rain water and together with Vesna bathes the child - Nowruz. People call this rain Ob rakhmat that is favor water, kind water. There is a belief that from the person who had a shower bath rain water, the first after Nowruz, all sins which are saved up in a year are washed away. Here such it is a light holiday - Nowruz.

On the way it and his admirers had barriers more than once. Attempts to forbid Nowruz were at the time of Alexander of Macedon, the Arab caliphate, Mongols...

With what emergence of Nowruz is connected?

Not one thousand years the people inhabiting Forward, Central and East Asia annually marked out him as a holiday of spring, a holiday of coming of new year.

In historical legends it is said that the ancient Iranian tsar Jamsheed called the beginning of year that day when he revived an ognepoklonstvo. However, according to Abu Raykhon Beruni, this day was celebrated to Jamsheed`s government. Therefore, this tradition goes far to depth of centuries, to a dawn of human history. Celebration it in day of the vernal equinox is connected with emergence of a calendar of solar chronology.

Nowruz instilled confidence in people that the nature created the person for a life celebration. The poetic soul of the people was expressed in the relation to Nowruz, as to the bride who scattered the dowry a carpet of flowers on the free steppe. By this time already protaivat snow at the foot of mountains, white nacre snowdrops look, gentle violets smell sweet.

I together with a magic charm of spring comes a holiday.

The same holiday is celebrated also by the people inhabiting the Caucasus, only there it carries the name " more often; Holiday of the first furrow . In Russia the holiday of the vernal equinox is closer to Maslenitsa.

But how this holiday when Vesna completely comes into the own was called, the nature and people always meet him with light pleasure and hope.]