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Hydrobank - water of life! Or you doubt?

wives of the Roman patricians had any day a mass of reasons for chagrin. Their unscrupulous husbands incessantly intrigued against each other, drank excessively moreover changed them with heteras. It is asked where to poor things was to have patience!

Vital firmness, courage and composure gave them a hydrobank. The name speaks for itself: water, honey, lemon. This drink prepared simply: on one glass of warm water juice of one lemon and a spoon of honey. It is necessary to tell that means did not lose the relevance to this day. It is better to accept a hydrobank directly since morning, while anybody and nothing managed to enrage you. In few months of such therapy the trainer of tigers can envy your self-control.

If you aimed to grow thin, then this drink too for you! But for the purpose of change of weight it is necessary to change time of acceptance hydrogrinding. Reception on an empty stomach since morning, in 16 will be optimum. 00 and in 18. 00. Replace with this drink the favourite coffee, and walls of your vessels will become strong and elastic. Make this drink for the whole day and do on a draft at those moments when you want to smoke.

Summer, heat, strong thirst... You will be helped by this magic drink again. Add couple of pieces of ice, and soft drink is ready. There is a wish more sharply? Grate ginger and add to gidromelyu. Decorate with a leaflet of mint and enjoy pleasant taste.

Winter, cold, the weakened immunity... A hydrobank and here at height! What can be better than a good portion of vitamin C in combination with the warming honey drink? A lemon and honey - excellent antiseptics. Reduce quantity of these components, and such drink will become useful to your child.

Morning, hangover, nausea... Without hydrogrinding not to manage! It will not allow organism dehydration, will give forces and will remove toxins. Drink its everyone half an hour, and by the evening you will become a person.

You the athlete, and after training are squeezed out how a lemon? As they say, like cures like. The lemon will come to the rescue! Prepare a hydrobank, having changed proportions. Increase a portion of a lemon and reduce amount of honey. This structure will give you forces and energy.

But there are several secrets of preparation hydrogrinding. At the first symptoms of cold many of us drink hot tea with honey. But very few people know that in hot tea honey loses the medicinal properties. Already at 50 degrees in a sweet product all useful substances - enzymes, vitamins collapse. In your boiled water with honey there will be only a glucose and sugar. Therefore remember before preparing a hydrobank that useful it will be if water temperature is not higher than 40 degrees.

At all honey which is on sale in shops will not approach. Its naturalness raises very big doubts. Pay attention to an expiration date of such honey. It is very short. The real honey has no temporary restrictions, and useful properties in it remain FOREVER! Therefore buy honey from familiar beekeepers or in the market.

Drink a hydrobank, and kind to you health!]