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How to grow thin together with darling star ?

Very soon from roofs will dig icicles, streamlets will run, the sun will heat more brightly us the spring rays, reminding that the summer not far off, so, is a high time to think of own figure and to say goodbye to the hated kilograms gained during the winter...

At the weekly review of book novelties, as a rule, there are at least 1 - 2 editions with the description of this or that supereffective diet. One of them represent simple modifications of the usual balanced diet corresponding on caloric content to the main exchange. Others can be hazardous to health as quite often the preference is given to one foodstuff or food group in them.

Now all who feel like it grow thin. At someone it turns out better (than not an occasion to describe the feats, having issued the next glamourous book?) at others diets turn into the real way of life (we lose a two-three of kilograms, again we gather superfluous 5, and so day by day). Of course, to tell you about how my neigbour the aunt Masha dumped several kilogram - idea not the best who needs it? And here successful and not really experience of ours star persons, as a rule, are always called by burning interest

In a pursuit for ideal 90 - 60 - 90 not only mere mortals suffer. Celebrities sin with extra kilos too (and sometimes and grams). Fight is developed not comic Though there are also exceptions. Graceful Irina Ponarovskaya who it is always delightful looks, does not rush to extremes. Its secret of food is very simple. Two weeks it is impossible to use meat, eggs, dairy products, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, coffee and spices. And what is it is possible and it is even necessary, so it lentil, broccoli, oats, barley, and in intervals between food - vegetables and fruit.

The diet and prima donnas of our platform is very simple. Pugacheva adheres to system of separate food and tries not to mix proteins and carbohydrates. And the golden rule of Alla Borisovna sounds very strictly, but is wise: I do not eat. I only try! .

The course of weight loss of the actress and TV host Ekaterina Strizhenova is calculated all on a week. With it it is helped by kefir and green apples. Through couple apple - kefiric fasting days it goes to a bath. The remained time Strizhenova sits on a monodiet: eats only one some product, for example, buckwheat or fish with greens.

The big lover to take a steam bath also the singer Katya Lel . She regularly visits a sauna. In food also adheres to system of separate food. Sometimes arranges himself fasting days on kefir or apples and always unconditionally follows several rules: does not eat everything and at once, does breaks between dishes, does not wash down food (an exception only for green tea), carefully chews food.

Literally all fall and winter each Saturday evening we watched action Ice Age . And while during advertizing the audience ran on kitchen and back behind something tasty, figure skaters in vain did not waste time. For the sake of participation in ice show of the leading " program; Female look Oksana Pushkina had to refuse food practically. When she understood that it is difficult for her partner Alexey Yagudin to ride with it in couple, Pushkina forced itself to go on a diet as a result of which in 1,5 months she grew thin for 10 kg! A secret is as follows: since morning she drank cocoa, from 12 o`clock in the afternoon to two dared to eat everything, and after two and to the dream - crumbs! According to the slender telestar to get used to such mode, only a week is required. But Oksana Pushkina who is a good judge of female beauty warns: it is impossible to forget that there are products which are necessary for the fair sex to support as it should be a condition of skin, a hair, nails. Cottage cheese, grain bread, cheese, meat, fish concern to them, for example.

And here next epic Literally the other day pages of newspapers and magazines dappled with headings: Masskva fights against weight . Well, you will not call the singer Lera Masskva thick, but what you will not make for the sake of successful career in show - business? To please producers, admirers, well and, of course, itself favourite, the girl completely excluded meat products and sweet, and also many vegetables. Lera Masskva`s diet entirely consists now only of green vegetables. Let`s wait for results...

In due time the singer Alsou resorted to a chocolate diet according to which during the day it is possible to eat two chocolate bars on 40 grams, and from drinks - coffee without sugar with skim milk. And here Valery`s which the western tabloids christened " not so long ago; The Madonna of the Russian show - business on the contrary, does not eat sweet absolutely, just because does not love them since the childhood. By the way, the singer does not starve herself, but approaches food very wisely. If she knows that fried potato is harmful, and from oil grow stout, so she absolutely also does not eat them.

Well, for now stars continue to share secrets of the appeal, and we try to imitate them, I will remind, friends, be careful in fight for ideal weight. Protect health, be reasonable and you love yourself. And if you are haunted nevertheless by a problem what diet to choose, remember words of Maya Plisetskaya . On the question how to grow thin? she answered simply: Close a mouth !]