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May 27 - All-Russian day of libraries. Why librarians are necessary?

C of 1995 according to the Decree of the President of Russia the All-Russian Day of libraries which is celebrated on May 27 in honor of foundation in 1795 of the first state public library of Russia - Imperial public was determined.

The Book - one of the greatest creations of human culture. And therefore the most important in culture of any country - as if it did not seem for someone strange - libraries. Even if universities and institutes will die, the culture can be restored if there are well organized libraries . (D. S. Likhachev)

is that the professional holiday of library workers is celebrated in May, there are the justice and beauty. This time is especially expensive: and as a symbol of spring revival which the nature shows in the magnificent color and greens, and the Victory holiday close to each heart. And as month in which a lot of things are connected with the book opening a way to light of reason and good: in May the progressive public celebrates the Day of Slavic writing and culture, Day of freedom of press and the All-Russian day of libraries.

On May 27 in each city, a mudflow and the village in connection with a holiday readers express those feelings of respect and admiration which they throughout all the life have to representatives of one of the most noble professions on light.

If to speak about library, that is about a certain cultural, spiritual, civilization phenomenon which in reality universal libraries are then for them firm are humanistic principles - the attitude towards the reader as to the central figure.

Librarian... What it has to be? Business of the librarian conducting conversation with the reader and answering the question posed - to convince him that it is impossible to be limited to information obtained from the librarian it is necessary to read a source most. The main thing for the librarian - to draw attention to books, to make each visitor the active reader, using the most insignificant interest in any subject. From inquiry of the reader, through the specifying conversation - to profound promotion of books.

The love to people does the librarian by the careful, attentive, sociable, kind person. In it the highest humanity of a library profession, humanity effective is shown. If the librarian is indifferent to the reader if he in communication with it has feeling of irritation, boredom - means, the profession of the librarian is chosen mistakenly.

The librarian`s task - to promote formation of comprehensively developed personality and that to execute it, he needs to become harmoniously developed person. The library profession demands profound professional knowledge, and also ability to be guided in literature.

The entry into a new historical era inevitably involves difficulties and losses, demands from people of a big physical and nervous tension. Society well understands what role in development of Russia will be and will played by libraries. To store treasures of knowledge and to transfer them to people is a high mission of true devotees of culture. Libraries are one of the most important bases of a civilization. They should become information basis of construction of new advanced democratic society.]