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How reach for work Moscow from the Moscow region?

They say that from year to year the world population becomes more mobile and more mobile. To wave for the weekend to other country - not a problem. Offered work in other point of the globe? Not a question, already we collect suitcases.

Also say that in Russia this movement so far very weak. Say, the Russian people got used to hold the roots (tell it to natives of the Caucasian republics). But there is the whole region of Russia which works in other region. Moscow region!

The Moscow region works in Moscow. It is not news for a long time, it is the fact. No, something in the Moscow region from the enterprises and the organizations works. Something from this even pays a salary. But all of us work equally in Moscow.

- You where work?

- In Moscow.

Everything, your status is already obviously higher. And let your friend receives almost as much, you rightfully can look at him haughtily. And he understands the shortcoming and tries to justify itself everyones well to go long, he is tired until decided to have a rest . There are no justifications and cannot be.

I always lived in Moscow. However, mine always began not so long ago, with receipt in institute, but I became a Muscovite at once and unconditionally (in the eyes).

But here later unlimited amount of time I had to move to Moscow area. Yes it cannot be heavy, people live so for years! - I thought.

It became clear that to reach all - hard. Actually, ways three. Or you drive / someone else`s car, either by bus, or by an electric train. The first and second ways a little in what differ. Well, except, maybe, the fact that I sincerely respect those who already a floor - the seventh can look at the road and something to see there. And somehow to react. The others are able to lift - lifted, and forgot to wake quietly sleep. In the car - sitting, in the bus - often and standing. Probably, to sit down, it is necessary to live far away and to rise a bit earlier. But, on itself it is noticed, in one or two months of regular exercises it being necessary to fall asleep - not a problem. Especially as from falling you are reliably kept by shoulders of companions on standing. Do not worry, to Moscow there will be nobody. You sleep peacefully to yourself. It is necessary to go long, the number of cars from year to year only increases (here - that you will remember the bad word car loans. And when we will be reached by some American crisis? Joke, of course). It is remembered how somehow in one big stopper the woman, probably, exhausted with standing, began to propagandize refusal of cars loudly. I with it was solidary (I stood too). The others greedy eyes saw off motorists. What is surprising, I did not understand since what time the Moscow region begins to go to Moscow. At least, and at 5 in the morning on the road I was not one. As the taxi driver who carried me to the place of work to it for me night time, it " told me; normal time that Moscow to reach .

The electric train is in general the song. In - the first, the number of people which goes to Moscow by an electric train exceeds quantity of seats so time in 4. And all these 3 times try to take place between first time and electric train doors. Lucky manage to come into the car at least. The others jam into the platform. And in clearly what quantity. Generally, in vain somehow the driver trying - to close all doors in a fit of temper loudly told in the loudspeaker that an electric train not rubber. If not rubber, then there is obviously exit in the fourth measurement. Never going in an electric train situated near Moscow in the mornings will also not believe how many to the people three by two meters can be located on space. The pleasure is added by citizens who go to Moscow not one, and with things. With very different things - beginning from the bicycle and finishing with some prickly bushes. Then all people around try to be pressed in walls whenever possible. The show is unforgettable.

In the car there is a competition on the fastest bottom. Here all - the horoshiyelyud which decided that it is better to work in the Moscow region meet. We know them by sight, for places near them there is a war and in what quickness the people who appeared at least in relative proximity from - oh, a miracle differ! - empty seat. Looking at sleepy faces, even you will not believe. Probably, it already in instincts. Politeness it seems let`s pass grandmother / girl / mother with the child is absent in principle. Therefore both grandmothers, and the girl, and mother with children also in tension and expectation, ready to rush on a seat. The same which managed to sit down, not with us any more. They in a phase of a deep sleep. There are wise individuals capable to speak, read and even to knit, but it is not enough of them. The others even if thrust a player in ears, strongly fell in Morpheus`s embraces. Therefore I do not trust in elektrichny novels. It is once simple. If you stand, you watch for the place. If you sit, you sleep. Besides, the bigger number of women with a make-up semi-finished product . All on To the Office romance .

A certain element of chaos in these already settled relations is brought by controllers. Here at once it is necessary to make a reservation that in an electric train it is accepted not to pay. The Russian Railway with the attempts to collect though some money - our enemy. At first they made turnstiles in Moscow. We had to buy cards (the truth, naturally, we pay not from the station, and from the closest to Moscow. Here, probably, railway analysts are surprised how to very many people lives at these stations). But not all, not all. The others try to pass at once for happy owners of tickets, and before are modestly trampled down about turnstiles. Happens that such modest men - nearly a third of total. Controllers already perceive them as an inevitable evil. Also catch not everyone. Let run, maybe, are late - somehow at me the controller said, having waved regal gesture to the girl who is timidly trying to be attached for the man is proud bearing the ticket. However, not all owners of tickets delighted with such tail. Some stop in the middle that the second person was not in time. However, some at the same time this most second person simply takes down . And it is correct. There has to be a mutual assistance.

But all this then. At first it is necessary to reach.

The railroad did absolutely right thing, having decided to cancel penalties and to enter just payment of the ticket in the car. But also to us it is a lot of it. Point of honor - not to pay anything, and the half-car runs out at the first stop that, having run two cars to avoid a meeting with these subjects. It is especially amusing that such hares do not consider that annoying appearance of the controller is a reason for loss of a seat, and leave the things. Once I went by the car where more than a half of seats was taken thus. Speak, at one time controllers went on cars with a dog. I do not know, did not find. And it is not really clear what the dog had to do. Not border, all-. Though, of course, how to tell And as run Here, by the way, mutual assistance is shown most brightly. Do not worry, doors will surely hold reached in time and if you begin to fall - will lift you and will drag in the car. Even violently (the last not the joke, somehow was necessary to me just that station at which I was caught by controllers. I is proud left, but called to me not once or twice, holding a door and suggesting to go further).

There now and all. The driver declares final Moscow (the further prefix depends on the station), or at last the long-awaited sign of the subway seemed. We arrived. Parting forcibly other passengers, we hurry to leave again to meet in the evening.

On questions of sympathizers of the morning invigorating trips in an electric train I usually say that I lead very much a healthy lifestyle: I get up at dawn (more true, now even to - differently chances to arrive aspire to zero in time), I walk half an hour before work (and it is the truth, me to an electric train to go and go) and I go to bed early (otherwise the first two points are impossible for me in principle).

Once in an electric train I even heard argument in favor of work in Moscow. One man told another (probably, to the friend) that, working near the at home, we gradually become isolated on a circle the house - work - shop - the house . You see limited number of people, and your mentality receives limited number of impulses to experience emotions and to develop. If so, then us the happy future waits. And who will tell now that I am not easy on rise?:)]