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In what organization it is better to work - big or small? (Part 1). Welcome

, there is no such person who would never ask this question (the millionaires from the very beginning experiencing contempt for the work on the uncle and these millionaires preferring to work for themselves, and also their relatives and just people, to which have the feelings forcing to provide these people - it is not counted).

At different age we are more inclined to one or other option. So, in student`s time it is more prestigious to work in the organization large and such that all knew about it. And here the name of a position is not important any more if it is possible to tell with pride: And at us in The Alpha - " bank; (Gazprom, RAO UES, Solntsevsk group (joke, of course)). Envy of fellow students is provided.

Then you understand, it is good to be in the big car, but there you are only a small small screw and to break through in though some and gears, oh as it is difficult. And in a small desk you already soon - the right hand of the director and in general his deputy. Here into the forefront the position acts. The name of the organization carefully disappears.

Closer to middle age (well at whom as, generally, by the period when it is important to have an opportunity to leave on hospital and to be away on vacation, for girls - to go to the decree), we with melancholy think of the large organizations - here with replacement easier and the magic word social package gives hope to receive the medicine benefits not in native district clinic (where to the doctor only very healthy person can get). On the other hand, to the same age there is already a wish to direct, and in the large organization this that time when you are just not considered as the private, but also the lieutenant (well, generally the deputy - the chief specialist - the chief of sector) only plan to make.

Of course, at all it turns out differently (well, eventually, is 25 - summer directors of large banks and investment companies), but here I tried to formulate pluses and minuses of both one, and other option.

Small organization.


With the CEO on first-name terms . And by name. Most often it - father . Therefore to it it is safely possible to go to complain of life and of its unpleasant particulars - neighbors, relatives, a problem with traffic police, etc. Will try to help. Personally will not understand, but to borrow it money - quite really. And he knows your real salary therefore to prove something to it as to bank, it is not necessary. And, most likely, will not take percent. Here the main thing - not to try to leave at least before return of the credit. Then problems with guarantee will be.

Oh, what career development is possible in the small organization! As it is a little employees, all on a look, talented people are noticed and tried to be moved. Here it is quite real, having come in 18 years and not having the higher education in general, in 20 years to direct any direction.

It is possible to get acquainted with the specialty most widely. It is rather even, you are doomed to it. You lawyer? Means, you do everything, beginning from visits of state agencies, contracts and finishing with protection of your dear director in prosecutor`s office (well, competitors - that nobody cancelled ).

You have ample opportunities for a side job. Often the director has also other, collateral businesses in which he is ready to involve the caused a stir workers. For additional money, certainly. Practice of awards and surcharges for " is also very widespread; special achievements . However, their size very much depends on mood owner .

Always it is possible to agree about the free schedule and to leave if it is necessary. The kindergarten was unexpectedly closed on repair, and there is nobody to leave the beloved child? Not a question, it is possible to work also at home and to come in the evening (well, maybe, only with sales managers it will not pass, but options are!) . Mood bad - can quite understand position, sympathize, pour a shot glass, and even to give a practical advice. The owner therefore became an owner that intuition and experience is available so council can quite be very good. And in general in the small companies the collective is something like a family, with a regular chayevnichaniye, house pastries and joint cultural campaigns.


Most likely, you sit at small office and it is good if it it is not so far from the subway. You rent it so it is quite possible that for operating time here it not the last location of your favourite firm.

With General we, of course, on you but in the organizations of this kind tyrants are born. Also try to call it not President of " Group; in correspondence, and simply Gendir . Will incinerate. Will take offense. Also not a rarity - haughty manners concerning employees. Well, not that serfs but something like that primordially Russian wakes up. Especially concerning secretaries. And the chief will sincerely be surprised if him fatherlike caress will encounter resistance.

The majority, despite everything explanations tax, pay a salary in envelopes. Therefore it is senseless to stand up for the rights about the underpaid money (and the bases, naturally, go beyond the Labour code). Will take offense at you - you will receive only an official salary. Alas.

The staff of the small organizations not really - that banks favor. And it is clear why. What happens to the company, is proud bearing the name Horns and hoofs in a month three, nobody knows, except her director. And he is not up to the end sure.

Alas, but exactly working in the small organizations, it is possible to earn personal problems with government bodies ( Yukos we do not take into account now). If the large organizations proclaim the principle of social responsibility and simply, we will tell directly, once again will think whether it is worth disturbing in such trifling occasion the familiar uncle from a state institution, then for mediocre businessmen such " method; dismantling still remains actual. One my acquaintance, for example, some time was seen off in the mornings by serious young people. Nothing, thank God, happened, but she still remembers it.

There is no specialization within specialty and cannot be. So if you want to specialize only on some specific question (well, continuing a subject of lawyers, for example, in a question of collecting debt from natural persons by realization of their land plots in the village of Gadyukino) the small organization where you will be the only person working in this direction, not for you. But you learn how there take place negotiations on sale of those teapots which are made by your favourite company what to tell to the tax inspection and that should not be spoken OBEPU (if, of course, your organization grows to those sizes when such serious people can come), to collect documents for obtaining the license, the land plot, an institution of criminal case and some case of adoption.

Collective - a family therefore to solve problems alone or to remain the person - a riddle it will not be possible. The problems should be discussed. And to be ready to the fact that they will be discussed also without your participation.

Other actual problem - the CEO really considers himself father to employees. In the sense that forces to work not for fear, and on conscience . By the way, the same approach and concerning a salary. Sincerely is surprised to requests for increase. Besides, often finds possible to strain and on the private matters. You will not make - will take offense. Also numerous relatives of the head hold the same opinion. So, being a lawyer, I was engaged in search of material for the paper of the son of the director who studied on faculty of law. And my fellow students went to courts and state agencies concerning increase of a rent, inheritance, unfortunate rest.

In most cases it is not necessary to count on social package. A maximum - the employees who are also interested in this case, already hilled some insurance company, and now are ready to share experience of visit of the offered policlinics.

Here is how it is worked in the small organization. In the following part we will consider specifics of work large.]