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What the guarantee on the credit is dangerous by?

We just study to live on credit getting purchases due to the help of financial institutions. But we study successfully. The quantity of the loans granted by banks to the population for consumer needs increases annually.

The credit is a compromise between bank - the creditor wishing to increase the capitals and the citizen - the borrower who does not have in a pocket there are enough means, but having intention to get any thing today and in a minute.

The bank is ready to give money, but is not going to lose them and takes measures in order that the credit was returned with all accompanying remunerations in time. The bank does not trust an honest look and hot sincere words, preferring guarantees is more serious.

One of widespread types of providing a refund - the guarantee. The bank suggests the borrower to find any rich Buratino promising to return money if something happens .

In the list of potential guarantors in the first lines usually there are relatives, friends and fellow workers. What it is simpler than, to sweep to bank and to cherkanut couple of papers. Let the colleague, the friend or the brother-in-law buy to themselves that he wants. Approximately most of guarantors so think, without imagining the extent of the responsibility charged themselves and possible consequences of a simple stroke of a feather at all.

The guarantee is not simple formality. This obligation to satisfy a debt if the borrower for any reasons is not able or will not want to return the credit. For bank in principle it is indifferent who will pay. And therefore the attitude towards the guarantor in a certain situation will be same, as well as to the one who used the credit.

To receive in an award for support of the colleague from service serious financial problems are not inventions, not the fairy tale and not a horror story. It is reality. Present a situation when you act as the guarantor on the credit for housing construction stretched for about twenty years. Through some time you, perhaps, will even forget not only about the credit, but also in general about existence of the former colleague. But the bank will not forget. And if the borrower is suddenly insolvent or in general other will depart to the world, it is necessary to pay you.

Obligations of the guarantor to the creditor - so-called, irrevocable. It means that the guarantee cannot be stopped to a full refund, behind an exception at all if the bank agrees with it. It is easy to guess that the bank will easily go to such agreement, only if the credit is already returned.

But even without extreme situations the guarantee can do harm to your interests. Let`s assume, you address for receiving the credit. You provide certificates of an average salary in hope to receive N sum. But the bank has absolutely other opinion.

The loan for which the person was charged most often is considered as a potential passive in the income. There is a high probability of the fact that at determination of the size of your credit the bank will reduce your monthly income by the sum of possible payments for the contract of guarantee. Even if that for whom you warranted steadily and regularly makes all payments.

Here and so. Think, solve. And how all - to become the guarantor and whenever possible to reduce the risk and responsibility, we will talk another time.]