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What will be if producers of goods, write on packing of the production of t of

Imagine such picture: You come to large shop, a so-called supermarket, and see before yourself such picture that counters are hammered with goods, and at the same time they not just dazzle with glossy gloss of packing, but also exhale light of truthfulness of information of impact on our organism.

we Will walk on departments: For a start we will glance

in products. Let`s not touch everything that can be used and digested, but on some we will sweep. Present to

, flakes Fitness that initially this production advertizing and packing said us and that week should be eaten these flakes, and you are just model. today you see

A: You can eat, of course, these flakes week, but the result will be, only if except them, you nothing are there will be no everything in general, and at the same time, only for breakfast, they are for this purpose intended .

Number of a milk, and your favourite " kefir; Aktiviya . Which improves digestion, adjusts work of intestines.

A here new information: Our kefir really improves work of intestines, but it also is not sophisticated, is added to structure purgen .

You in confusion. Not all is lost by

, it is possible and about a lunch with a dinner to think.

Here, for example your favourite cutlets, is not important here at all what they are brands as on all it is absolutely written that in us natural pork, a horse-flesh, chicken meat and so on waits.

But here - that another, is written here that: Our tasteless soy cutlets will remind you a smell of pork, a horse-flesh, or chicken meat as a last resort .

Is fine, cutlets were not set, then is simply banal vegetables.

But also here shock. The frozen haricot, cabbage, a yum-yum. But, on packing again truth: Our vegetables were frozen about three years ago, and naturally in them there was no " vitamin long ago;.

Is fine, bothered to touch products, all the same there is nothing to buy.

Then can be household chemicals?

Yes, precisely, is necessary powder, toothpaste and shampoo.

Powder where is more banal, but again: This powder washes only at the fifth washing with boiling .

Toothpaste: Bleaches??? That for nonsense, a maximum fresh breath at an exit from a bathroom, and then excuse .

Shampoo: Yes, your hair till a lunch will be today fresh, and dandruff, well, descend to the doctor .

Well as, anything of that kind prospect!? And it is only part of the truth which can appear at us in the eyes. The main thing to realize it and not to believe blindly in the improved work of intestines, white teeth, silky hair and in the washed shirt with a spot from ketchup, and at the same time in cold water. Be more reasonable than