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What stones it is useful for Aquarius to carry?

Already in an extreme antiquity people noticed that almost all minerals possess these or those magic and medicinal properties. And, each stone influences all people differently therefore at the choice of a mineral it is necessary to consider the zodiac sign first of all. Today we will tell about stones which are recommended to be carried to Aquarius (21. 01 - 20. 02).


In a litoterapiya, the science studying properties of minerals is considered
that azurite is useful at a hypertension, diseases of respiratory, nervous systems, deterioration in sight. It promotes clarification of blood and bile. In the ancient time considered that jewelry of azurite relieves the owner of melancholy as it bears salutary energy and positively influences thoughts of the person.

Since ancient times amethyst is considered a stone of purity and devotion. It is widely used in meditations as it keeps in contact with the parallel worlds and allocates the owner with an insight. Amethyst calms nerves, puts in thought order. The ring with this mineral brings good luck to athletes and if to put a stone under a pillow, then sleeplessness will not torment at night.

Aquamarine - a stone of friendship, justice and longevity. Jewelry from it is recommended to be worn at diseases of skin and lungs, digestive tract, allergy. This mineral even helps to get rid of a toothache and seasickness. Aquamarine exerts the stimulating impact on all organism, it removes a nervous tension, helps to find a peace of mind. Also it is capable to take away the person from danger and enemies. They say that on aquamarine it is possible to judge weather and mood of the person: if bright, then weather its owner has his color clear and at heart quietly and if the stone grows turbid, then the owner is overcome by burdensome unpleasant thoughts, and weather will be replaced with a bad weather.
of Angelit exerts

of Angelit positive impact on work of immune system, helps at throat diseases. Also it helps to reach composure, to neutralize negative thoughts and traits of character of the person. This mineral is often called a stone of angels because it is considered that with its help it is possible to establish relation with the highest heavenly forces.

of Grenades

the whole group of minerals which enter almandin, grossulyar, dematoid and others treats grenades. Litoterapevta consider that pomegranate helps to struggle with headaches, diseases of skin, digestion, blood circulation, an allergy. Pomegranate in the magic purposes was widely used: it is often called to this day a love stone because it excites love and pleases to a shower. Red grenades cause feeling of courage, strengthen will, raise a self-assessment. And the ring with pomegranate, on medieval representations, gives to its owner the power over people.

Quartz - one of the most widespread minerals in the world. Water, infused on quartz, possesses salutary properties. Besides, products from quartz are useful at diseases of a thorax and lungs. According to litoterapevt, quartz drives away melancholy and blesses the owner with the clairvoyance gift.

Pink quartz

This quartz of gentle pink color is recommended to apply at stresses and fieriness. If regularly to wear ornament from quartz, at the person the creative potential and feeling of confidence in the forces will increase. And still quartz brings family happiness and love and promotes longevity. In the medical purposes it is used as a supportive application at diseases of nervous, it is warm - vascular systems, a backbone.

the Source of this mineral are sinks of abalones. In the east it is associated with good intentions and wishes of happiness. Special durability of sinks is connected with ideas of the strengthened fight against chronic diseases.

Long since chrysoprase is considered a success symbol, a charm from a malefice and envious persons. It promotes eloquence development, attraction of wealth and friends. Believed earlier that turbidity of chrysoprase warns the owner about danger. Well also influence of chrysoprase on health affects: it strengthens sight, purifies blood, calms rheumatic pains, reduces arterial pressure and helps to find peace of mind.

red, yellow, green and blue tsirkona Meet. They help at treatment of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, stimulate functioning of a liver, positively influence work of a hypophysis. In addition, tsirkona promote achievement of emotional balance, improve memory and mental capacities, and even give to the person more confidence and optimism.

Choose the mineral and let it will bring you happiness! ]