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What is Card - Reader?

Kard are the reader (English Card - Reader, Multi - slots Card Reader/Writer, Memory Card Reader/Writer) is a compact device (mass of 150 - 200) for reading / data recording on memory cards of various types (other names - the store of memory cards, reader " card reader; " card reader; cards - the reader " card reader;) it is connected to USB port (at the same time on the device standard USB - the mini socket - B).

Technical characteristics of cards - readers :

compatibility with the USB 1 specifications. 1 / 2. 0;

the declared reading / record speed - to 480 Mbps (actually, reading / record speed much less! It depends on many reasons: models of the card reader, the USB interface - 1. 1 or 2. 0, sets program and hardware of the computer, type and the size of the processed files );

support of all main types of memory cards (CompactFlash Type I/II, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard, SecureDigital etc.) . Producers of card readers designate quantity of the supported types of memory cards so: 12 - in - 1 (12 - in - 1), 19 - in - 1, 23 - in - 1;

support hot (Hot - Swap) connections / shutdowns;

support of the Plug &Play function.

What there are kinds of card readers

the classical card reader. It is equipped 4 - mya with slots for memory cards and the LED indicator of food (some models are equipped also still with the additional LED indicator of activity allowing to control visually reading / record operations).

the card readers equipped with USB - concentrators (USB Hub);

card readers with the FireWire interface (IEEE1394);

combined with Bluetooth - adapters, - so-called Bluetooth - adapters (USB Bluetooth dongle) with integrated cards - the reader;

cards - the readers allowing to charge the accumulator of the mobile phone (through special USB - a cable);

Internal Card Reader - cards - the readers established in the special slot (or in the slot which was earlier intending for a floppa - the disk drive) cases of the personal computer system unit;

Was announced recently cards - the reader, understanding 62 formats of memory cards! Except the main destination - reading / record of memory cards - can connect the devices having the interface USB, FireWire, SATA, and also the microphone to it.

Completeness of delivery - the reader is sometimes delivered to

Complete with cards a disk with drivers for outdated operating systems (Windows 98/ME).

the Average price of the device - $15-20.

How to use

Card readers support functions of hot connection and Plug &Play therefore it is very simple to use them: connect to the computer, insert a memory card and work!

At connection of cards - the reader to the personal computer in the " system; appears it is so much removable disks how many slots for memory cards in cards - the reader. It is necessary to find necessary often by method of consecutive search. At the same time, if you did not guess, the " dialog box will appear; Disk " Insert; with the message: Insert a disk into the disk drive . Continue search, you will not find necessary yet.


1. It is necessary to observe accuracy at connection to the card reader of memory cards: if the memory card is not inserted, it is not necessary to use force (not to damage it!), - means, you incorrectly insert it. Pay attention where there are contacts of a memory card and the card reader.

2. If after installation of a memory card in the card reader, it not materialized in system, - most likely, contacts of a memory card and the card reader did not make contact, i.e. the card is inserted leaky.]