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How it is correct to make the summary?

to you were necessary to have various interviews at work competition? To me yes. And in many cases I had not to fill in the questionnaire, and most to write the summary. It was necessary to pass through the same also to my relatives and friends. Having found a certain experience in this case and talking to the employer, we removed a certain ideal of the summary. It is that I to you and I represent. At once I want to tell that the summary has to look as the document, but not as pisulka or booklet.

1) Surname. Name. Middle name. In large print in the center of the page. Nearby it is better to place the photo in a decent look.

2) Purpose of submission of the summary. (Markets, positions, places, fields of activity). Give to the employer as much as possible reality on the vacancy competition purpose.

3) Personal data: birth date and birth place, place of residence (something it seems mother Earth it is not necessary to write - most likely, the employer of your joke will not estimate).

4) Contact information: phones, the fax, e - mail. The more ways to contact you, the better: the employer will not vyzvanivat you two weeks, will employ another.

5) Marital status: it is married / is unmarried, she is married / is not married, presence of children, it is possible to specify also their age.

6) Education:

and) name of higher education institution, training terms, form of education (internal / correspondence). If you graduated from the university with the diploma with honors, then surely write about it!

) additional education (courses, trainings, seminars (specify also a number of hours of their visit).

7) Experience: places of work, work terms, the name of the company (establishment), a position, results (what achieved), a reason for leaving (try that it was not the booze or constant opazdyvaniye).

8) Additional skills: foreign languages (if is crusts or certificates, specify what), possession of the personal computer (also certificates, crusts; skills of use of some programs).

9) Other achievements. (The employer will estimate your activity in work and public life of collective if he learns that you were a participant and the prize-winner of the Olympic Games, competitions etc. Here you can specify also your opinion on the activity and usefulness).

10) Recommendations. (Place of the previous works, positions, work terms, its results, contact information of the previous employers. All this is specified whenever possible, it is not necessary to track down desperately the previous employers).

11) A desirable wage level (in rubles, dollars. Be reasonable, nobody will pay you huge profits for nine classes with the three in the certificate).

12) Additional information. (Existence of the car, interests, a hobby (it will help the employer to make about you a psychological portrait. Besides, if you have with future chief one favorite team on soccer (which you support, of course, not to the detriment of work), then you risk to become his favourite.

13) Personal qualities. (Responsibility, skill to communicate, learning ability, etc. Five qualities will be enough).

The summary has to be accurate and laconic, not exceed one - one and a half pages. It rules of business etiquette. There are no strict rules of registration of the summary. It is very important that above-mentioned points were noted. And how you will be able to present information on yourself to the employer, will remain on your conscience. Also take an interest before making the summary whether there is in the company its standard form.

See you!