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HAPPINESS - as to find it? The story of the woman with serious intentions of

Ya decided to marry. Options in the place of work, chatter by phone, casual contacts in public places, in city transport and furthermore recommendations of so-called girlfriends - all this took away plenty of time and ended with what began. Anything suitable! I already wanted to leave this invention as suddenly the modest announcement on a column: At last and in our city the " firm begins to function; Happiness on the basis of the latest program achievements in the field. Half a million megabytes a minute! Your option at your legs!

the Piece of paper on doors of firm: Walk! it is normal. I come, I get in a queue which consists of 39 maidens of various age and two grandmothers. It should be noted, we move quicker, than in a self-service laundry. The strict lady in a uniform with the hearts stitched by arrows scribbles on keys and files of the special program. On one file the virtual Cupid with suspiciously bluish physiognomy asks: Your personal and intimate data? Well, not its dog business though data at me the most magnificent, I assure you! On other file - crafty Cupid with wings as at a broiler, is interested: What parameters would suit you in a subject of your happiness? And it is already subject conversation!

- Ordinary, - I answer. - Age of love or about that. Growth is higher than an average. And here earnings, the income have to be 10 times more. And, the main thing that brought everything home, even this as it, the fee if creative nature gets. If that will want to do moreover, - only on my eyes. It is possible without special sensitivity, but on March 8, has to remember all calendar holidays and my personal significant dates by heart. I treat gifts without special claims. Diamond is not important - the attention sign is important.

- What character the applicant has to have? Sustained, but not in the next bar. And any small parties at their office without me. By the way, if it there already grew to the boss, then the secretary to it is selected too personally by me. I have a candidate checked on pure tea here - my woman Liouba. Will send away any maiden!

- About feeding of the lucky person? Do not argue on smacks yet therefore has to eat everything that I to it will weld on (otherwise let cooks!) What before my cooking, is possible without false compliments. There is enough that rising from - for a table, said: Thanks, expensive! and, if there are enough forces, washed the dishes. If the food is not ready yet that did not throw dirty footwear in a cat and in general was able to clean the shuza . My boots - nearby. It is quite good if manages to hammer as required into a wall a nail or at least to drive the button. But no more. Any silly experiments with switches and traffic jams: the husband has to be, at least live.

- But also vivacity is good moderately. Personally I do not approve any risky entertainments outdoors: all these amusing lottos, a casino and a striptease - show. I in the right frame of mind will suit the last to it - so that will not seem a little and it will not want any more!

- Whether can be ill? Frankly speaking, the sighing man is a pathetic show during display on to a box soccer - hockey. In a word, the coward does not support our soccer - hockey and, especially, it does not suit the modern woman for husbands. Also the one who zapolnoch stares at single female skating is no good. If I want, itself I will roll. If, of course, it is enough for it. Does he have the right to glance at other women? The right - yes. As he differently will arrive at the right thought that You, expensive, best of all!

- Well, and as for appearance of this lucky person, - that he in case of special need could be shown where there can be also so-called girlfriends. At the same time for its own benefit it is better if keeps silent

- At you is all? - the lady with hearts and arrows asks, warming up the filled middle finger.

- So far everything, - I say. - You think, it is not enough?

- At us the car thinks! Receive the answer in 3 - 4 minutes.

However neither through three, nor in four minutes I did not receive the. At last, when there passed the solid hour, in the building light was suddenly cut down, began to smell ashes, and from darkness there was quite interesting copy of the man with a candle candle end. Nearly stepped to me on legs.

- The devil would pobrat you with yours happiness ! - vigorously the man told, smearing I sit down on a face. - Again the program was covered and all traffic jams departed!.

And that to me to their program and traffic jams. The man - that I it took away from there. Now specifically I will check regarding happiness.]