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Should you be engaged in business?

the Question not idle as can seem at first sight. The solution of the matter (or the correct answer to it) will help to avoid to you many problems and an excess headache. Today, in a century of general business, many people did not avoid temptation to open the business. But what occurs? Some businessmen literally from scratch make big money, others at considerable investments manage to make the enterprise the bankrupt. In what business? On this question we will try to find the answer in this article.

So, in what business? All of us heard a story about distribution of money. The essence is that if to take all money and to divide equally between the population of the planet, then literally in a month there will be rich and the poor, and in a year money will be distributed among people still. Possibly, matter in the identity of the person. Not all are fated to be businessmen. Yes it is also not necessary.

Perhaps, now it is not fashionable, but there was such concept as calling earlier . That is the person is engaged in to what at him the soul lies. It is known that work to become is much more productive if the person derives from it pleasure. I do not think that Picasso or Van Gogh thought of material remuneration when they created the masterpieces.

Think! whether to you Should spend material and intellectual resources for business obviously unknown and unpleasant to you? If you have a hobby or classical education on which you received specialty (work on which brings you pleasure) can be, it is worth working on this specialty?

Thousands of experts derive pleasure, working where they work. Perhaps you should not rush blindly to uncertainty under the name business only because around there are a lot of successful businessmen? For example: not all have talent to sell. It is not successful to sell goods, and just to sell. From this does not follow that the person is not capable of anything. Perhaps it is not necessary for it.

Do not force yourself! If at the word business jars on you and you imagine the market (market) at once, and put yourself to the place of the seller standing on 20 - ti a-degree frost and trying to sell something, maybe, you should think whether business in general is necessary to you? Perhaps you are able to do better reports on statistics or skillfully can weld two pipes to each other, and it is pleasant to you? So behind what business became? Perhaps, this your calling ? Whether it is better, than to rush about for nothing, to spend time for improvement of in this your area? And you will become the great expert in the area, having deserved general respect and honor.

It is fated to become the businessman not to everyone. It is better to be the good expert in the area, than to be a mediocre businessman. Business demands a wide experience and the maximum return of forces, skill and skill to communicate. All attributes of business (expensive cars, cottages, yachts) are only iceberg top. We do not see the hidden essence of business behind which there is a huge work. I know a great number of businessmen for whom business is only means of earning money.

Therefore if you possess such qualities as enterprise, ability to plan, strategically to think, be able to agree upon any question with any person dare! You are a born businessman!]