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How to set the purposes and to reach them?

our life are a vector movement from one point to another, from point A to point Ya. This movement from one purpose about another - when the purpose is lost sight, the movement comes to the end.

We set the purposes daily, even every second. To drink to tea, to reach work in time, to buy the car, to receive a new position - of such trifles there is our day and our life generally. Only not everything turns out as it is planned: tea unexpectedly - unexpectedly reaches a limit, we are late for the bus, is not enough for the pleasant model of a car, and the administration decides that to raise us also there is nothing Fortuna`s irony, failure? As if not so!

There is also other type of people - those whom it is accepted to call luckies successful . But unless matter in Fortuna`s favor? No, is not present and once again not! Here you will not tell Ann Landers better: The happy occurence usually comes disguised - in clothes of a hard work therefore most of people do not recognize him . Those who try to obtain something in this life - not luckies are people Purposeful, moving to success Purposefully. These are those whose life is under construction by the principles of an eyming.

The Eyming - concept which came from the sphere of media - games and revived on a joint of applied psychology and a merchandising. Concept sources - in the game Quake where it meant aiming targeting . Today of AIMING (from the English aim - purpose ) it is possible to translate as aspiration goal-setting . This term means art of achievement of the objectives, a complex of the principles directed to success. So, we will not pull - we will pass to the theory of aiming.

Stage first. to Set before itself the purpose - too art. It would seem, the elementary action is in practice not so easy, we not always see things objectively, getting confused in causes and effects. Therefore the first aiming - the principle sounds so: the purpose has to be tangible or visualized, accurately formulated. At the same time it should not disturb that positive that is, and should not coincide with a fantasy, it seems I Want to become Bill Gates . The purpose has to be feasible, corresponding reality. To become this computer magnate, you can only change the passport or perform plastic surgeries as a result of which you will gain Bill`s appearance. If you are interested in more condition of the president of Microsoft, then reformulate the purpose so: I Want to earn one million dollars every month . So you have a chance of success.

One more important aiming - the rule - to avoid abstract concepts and denials, indistinct formulations, to specify exact figures and dates! For example, I want a lot of money - it is not the purpose. It is correct to speak so: I will get BMW X5 in 6 months .

Is useful to fix visualization in a material form, for example, having placed the photo of the necessary model on a desktop.

Stage second. we understand the way of the purpose by means of the following algorithm Now:

Step 1. I To Describe a problem situation. (For example: I have a low wage, it does my life unhappy ) .

Step 2. I will cease - we find the reasons of the misfortunes . ( I will cease to work where my knowledge and skills are insufficiently estimated in material expression etc.). Their elimination is your tasks.

Step 3. Instead I will be ( Instead I will write the notice of resignation, I will complete advanced training courses and I will find the place where my salary will make 10 thousand dollars a month etc.)

Step 4. I want to be such as In your environment it is obligatory to eat the person whom you can safely call by an ideal: Your former schoolmate, neigbour in an entrance or or even Putin! This personality has to become your reference point on the way to a goal.

Step 5. I want to have the following lines: - we list those lines of that person whom, (whom) you specified in the previous point. (Example: I want to have the following lines: charisma, self-confidence, erudition and commitment ).

Step 6. I want to be more . Call those qualities which you already have, but it would be desirable to develop.

Step 7. If I received all these qualities, then (For example, If I received them, then would become more self-assured, would learn to argue the point of view, I would began to be appreciated more at work and so forth )

Step 8. When I reach it, I will feel . On the last step of our algorithm you answer the question What will occur when I achieve the objectives? What will I feel? When you accurately formulate the answer to this question, will receive at the same time and the final purpose - aim.

Once again walk on each step, correct defects, add what was forgotten to be specified earlier. It is ready? Now it is possible to go further!

Stage third. the Following step - scheduling and definition of time for its performance (3 years, 5 months or 21 days etc.) . Further your plan breaks into several periods - stages (it is admissible, for months), and those in turn into shorter pieces (weeks). The last level - scheduling for the next month, for every week and, at last, for every day. The in more detail and more in details you paint the pass - the purposes, the better. Also do not forget to specify in the plan sanctions for non-performance of points and, certainly, encouragement.

Be not too lazy probrest open-air or the weekly - daily painting the plans and their performance, you considerably facilitate the aim - the movement to the purpose. Besides letters is a materialization of your movement, it something more concrete, material, binding as the contract with. Structure the records, write with accurate printing letters. Well, here, perhaps, the main councils of an eyming

Now that it was more clear to you, we will consider scheduling on a concrete example. Let`s say your purpose - to buy the island in the Caribbean Region . Term - 2 years.

Your plan can look as follows:

First year: to quit the former job (to write the application, to receive the signature of the administration and calculation - we specify all details in accounts department too), to find the place where the salary makes $10 000 a month. To work, work, work and save. To make a bank deposit. Second year: to receive the international passport, the visa, to find the agency which is engaged in sale of islands, to get the pleasant piece of sushi, to obtain necessary citizenship and to buy the one way ticket! Every year respectively is divided into half-year, those in turn - for months, weeks and days. Each of stages also has to be registered!

Well and finally, some more postulates of an eyming:

Constantly add something new, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. You count

only on yourself. Eliminate with

from life what disturbs your purpose. Do it ruthlessly and surely. Be resolute


Look for creative decisions. Award with

yourself for each new victory.

Be not afraid to be mistaken. You remember Joan Collins`s words: Show me the person who was never mistaken in life, and I will show you the person who reached nothing . You think of

positively. Ignore failures, perceive success as indispensable, inseparable part of your new life.

Get used to success!]