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What can tell a sign language about?

What can tell better about the person how not gait, a mimicry, characteristic gestures, a behavior manner? All these components of image - are more eloquent than any story.

Each of us is expressed not only verbally, but also at the unconscious level, in that case his speech is body language. And language of a body is not less expressive and eloquent, than its verbal manifestation. Great Richelieu noted that language is of great importance because with its help we are able to hide the thoughts.

Let`s try to learn to understand a sign language.

What can characterize better the baron Myunkhgauzen as not attempt to pull out itself for hair from a bog? There are also other, not less bright images. Churchill leaning on the invariable stick, Sherlock Holmes with the tube clamped in teeth, Stalin with characteristic Georgian accent, Lenin with the hand which is sharply thrown out forward, - all these people were remembered in the distinctive, unique image characteristics. As they did it, nobody will repeat already and if he repeats whether it will manage to it to transfer fully a portrait of public figures? It appears, it is possible to create and fix a unique image in representation of public, electorate even for long time. Language of gestures is clear worldwide. The unsurpassed comic genius Charlie Chaplin in mute movies was clear and recognized representatives of all world cultures.

They say that character of the person are his gestures. It is considered that people most often use the opened and closed gestures.

Open gestures are peculiar to open people (extroverts). Most often they communicate, swinging hands. Such gesticulation confirm psychological openness of the interlocutor, desire to communicate. In this case it will be opened for you therefore the position of the crossed hands and legs is excluded. Pay attention to hands, palms in this case will be open. At the same time pay attention to how the person shakes hands. If he can offer a hand a palm from top to down, it symbolizes authoritativeness, domination, up - gesture of the application (gesture beggars ) . And here still examples from life. The athletes who are violently expressing pleasure try to embrace the whole world. Minutes of rise people try to increase the psychological space.

Speakers on the performances quite often press down people hand. This gesture of suppression was used by great leaders of all times and the people, for example, Hitler. From here also the fascist greeting " appeared; Heil Hitler! I had to work with some politicians who could not get rid in any way of a habit to swing fists.

the Closed gestures have to guard because symbolize closeness and alienation of the interlocutor. Communication with such person will be not so simple. The crossed hands and legs testify to it. So, the hands crossed on a breast - attempt to hide, be fenced off from a situation. Why so it developed?

Works a self-preservation instinct. First of all, the person covers a neck and a breast, more precisely, a carotid. And if begins to pull in the head in shoulders, or to be covered in addition with the folder, communication will be difficult to be adjusted. Reflect why he so behaves in this situation?

Exists communication between gesture and the word. You, probably, paid attention as it is difficult to achieve to the person with defects of the speech favorable attention of public. The same arises also with body signals.

As a result it turns out that the audience can hear and understand your words, however the meaning of what was said can not reach it or will reach in the distorted look, and you will appear face to face with the indifferent listener. Your speech will seem the fresh, boring, deprived emotional coloring, feeling and what it is so difficult to express in words, oratorical skill.

Body language is to the same extent available not to all, it needs to study. Studios where teach oratorical skill open. Fulfill special receptions on trainings. You have to be aimed at that your performances even if at meeting, in a circle of collective, were memorable.

I Suggest to prepare for performances always in advance. It is very important to think over a pose, gestures, the movements of a body, the separate phrases strengthening mutual understanding. Well trainings in front of the mirror help. Ask to remove you on a video camera. You will have an opportunity to see as you will look on public.]