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What role of the word in work of the psychologist - the consultant?

It is no secret that in advisory work violations of the principle of voluntariness when the client appears on consultation against the will are sometimes possible. Then the consultant faces closeness and unwillingness of the client to communicate.

So, for example, happened to three-year-old Seryozha`s mother, Elena who was directed to consultation to the psychologist concerning the child from a garden. Having got to premises of group, Seryozha behaved very actively, minutes did not stand still, threw toys, destroyed racks, ran, bearing all on the way. His behavior, according to the tutor, was unsafe for other children whose mothers had to be present continuously at group to protect them from the flying machines and cubes.

Having appeared on consultation, Elena told that it from the psychologist, except the certificate of visit, needs nothing. All doctors signed to Serezhin the reference quite recently, he is healthy. If the tutor does not cope with the tasks - it is a problem of kindergarten, but not parents. Why in this situation the psychologist - it is absolutely unclear.

I, if we appeared in a situation of consultation and we have a little time, asked Elena to tell about Seryozha: what it for the little man? Elena shrugged shoulders and began to speak, at first slowly and quietly, being gradually inspired and filled with emotions.

In Elena`s story my attention was drawn by the following: almost in each offer the word " sounded; to fight . We fight with that and with that I fight for that and for it in Seryozha We fight against this and it . Having listened to several minutes, I asked Elena to stop and asked her (if we on consultation) in the story instead of the word to fight to use some other word, for example, to be on friendly terms . Elena deeply reflected, probably, for about two minutes, and then told absolutely tremendous thing: So it I and should be on friendly terms with the husband .

After this phrase of Elena our communication was based already absolutely otherwise. We agreed about visit of the neuropathologist to exclude probability that the nervous system of the child does not cope with loadings. My recommendations were discussed, understood and accepted, but did not break any more against closeness and unwillingness to communicate with these psychologists .

Having received medical treatment at the neuropathologist, Seryozha returned to the group. Difficulties with the tutor at it became at all no more, than at any other boy of his age.

We then repeatedly met Elena, but already on her own initiative.

Thus, exact hit in a keyword, replacement with his another, is capable to change a picture of the world of the person.]