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Dances - for you this hobby or life?

So turned out that I dance since three years. Doctors advised my mother to give me on choreography for correction of a terrible clubfoot. And I got with the little sister to club with the different directions of leisure for kids. Choreography there I finished studying till eight years.

Then there was a School of arts which turned my life upside down.

In - the first, there I got acquainted with children who or wanted to dance (as I), or they were brought by parents, and already then these children were involved to the world of dance. In - the second, I learned to own the body, to dance absolutely different dances: the classical ballet, various national dances, dances with gymnastic exercises. Later I never had a question: how to dance to this music? And now I listen to very wide range in styles of music. In - the third, I understood that such diligence. Without diligence and aspiration it is impossible to be given completely to training, and without it you will not be put in dance. In - the fourth, continuous performances on a scene form self-confidence. My training there, especially the last 5 years, replaced to me all my leisure. Because from seven in a week after school I spent six days on dances. I am not sorry about it at all.

It is possible to list long THAT I took from the training at this school. Probably, the most valuable - ability to express itself, the emotions in dance. In any. Under any music.

At our usual school often arranged concerts in which I danced. And not tolkoya. There were children who danced a Latina - the American, modern dances. But when I danced classical dance to modern music, the hall calmed down. When you feel that you entrained people the dance, when there is no a uniform voice during your performance when after the end of your dance several seconds there is a silence and only then an applause - here the best award for your efforts.

Then there were interests in modern dances, a little ball. But I always wanted something more. There was a wish to combine sport and dance. I long looked for school acrobatic fate - N - a beater. And here in 22 years found the trainer who became the vice-champion on acrobatic fate in due time - N - to a beater in Europe. My dream came true. Power loadings, acrobatics, coordination of movements, dance in couple All my desires met in one dance. The fate is N - the beater never allows you to be depressed. Even if you come to occupation a little sad, with the first steps of music in you there is a spark which grows and grows. Which begins to blaze a flame after warm-up. And all subsequent occupation you jump with the great pleasure!

Being engaged in fate - N - a beater, I at the same time began to be engaged hastly. That is literally it turned out so. At 19 o`clock I run flew in studio on fate - N - a beater. After an hour of continuous jumps there were 1,5 hour occupation by acrobatics in dance. And then 1,5 more school hours hastly. And so 2 times a week. And 2 more times a week separately hastl. It was some madness! After work I ran on occupations. After classes run on an electric train. Home I came not earlier than eleven in the evening. And when there were three occupations in a row, I stopped in Moscow at the grandmother. To it I came to twelve only. And in other days from occupations after work I managed to meet friends. And from where only time undertook? And forces were! Yes such that began to participate in competitions in a hastl.

Then there were dances in the fresh air on the embankment in Not dull garden. And I did not want to stop in any way. Called in the sister on dances, girlfriends

With moving to St. Petersburg I was left without partners, fate - N - a beater.

But in hastl I brought the husband, strenuously I choose school on acrobatic fate - N - to a beater, still I want to be engaged in HIP - NORROM. In me there is so much energy that friends nicknamed me enerdzhayzer . And this feeling when music when the partner begins to conduct you in dance when it is possible to give in to improvisation when you do not notice anything except music and the partner when you can express music the movement begins It is inexpressible words. It should be felt! Dance is something wonderful that arises in the person. Fills it completely to the tips of nails and does not allow to stop. It fills us with energy. By vital forces.

By means of dance I easily express myself. When music sounds, the first that I do - I begin to think out in the head dance under it. For me the main thing a rhythm and the movement. Combining various styles of dances, I try to obtain the best expression of music, and, above all myself, the emotions. I know that dance, for me, is my life. I will never stop being engaged in them.

Allow dance to enter also your life. Then it will become much brighter, more cheerful. And let for you it will remain only hobby, but how pleasant hobby!]