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About what Lev Leshchenko did not sing?

On Lev Valeryanovich like to hang labels. The most widespread of them - Kremlin nightingale . For the Soviet promotion, for performances at party concerts, for positivity . Leshchenko has enough wisdom to be proud, but not to justify. Yes, Kremlin nightingale. But nobody would call bad singers to the Kremlin!

Separate claims at ill-wishers to repertoire of the singer. Like, one continuous propaganda materials. But so only the one who never heard any album of Lev Leshchenko can speak. Who never was at its concerts. Yes, from the screen efforts of the Soviet ideologists sounded Love, Komsomol and Spring (good, by the way, song about friendship and youth) and And what else? What else it is possible to show to the singer? All the rest was about love. About love for the country ( Native earth ) about love to the city ( Ancient Moscow By Chara it is fascinated My Novorossiysk Sochi - long summer ), about love to the woman ( On the earth there lives the love Beloveds ) .

About women Lev Valeryanovich always sang much. About the singer many rumors went. The rumor attributed it the mass of love affairs. However, Lev Valeryanovich himself somehow admitted that he a Saint never was. Probably, such is the artist`s nature. He has to fall in love constantly. Otherwise there is no spark, nothing is born, there is no power of creativity. And at Lev Valeryanovich still live eye on an apt expression of his friend Vladimir Vinokur. And he still writes down love lyrics. Here only verses of its songs became slightly more sad.

Be happy - I after you shout. Be happy

, here everything about what I ask. Be happy

, for it I drink to the bottom, Be happy

. With me and without me.


My love - grief of the lowered eyelashes.

my love - a fire from the pulled-out pages.

Ya on you I go crazy, my love

is Still live
is penetrating

I - gentle, but too with a grief shade:

The most favourite you were mine,

Ya whispered you in a dream, I with you got up.

Ya behind paints went to the yellow avenue

I a frost on glass sounds drew.

As though to it, the minion of fortune who was easily winning the female hearts suddenly appeared about whom to grieve. Whom to love so that heart hurts more, than loves. The love is comprehensive, cheerful, turned into that one which brings suffering, but only it also is the present.

There are a lot of songs at Lev Valeryanovich about sport. Once he played basketball. And now it vice-the president of a basketball team Triumph . It it Team of youth . Embodiment of youthful dream. Its voice sounds at many sports competitions. He sings also the anthem of the All-Russian marathon Ski track of Russia and anthem of the soccer team " situated near Moscow; Saturn . And a few years ago he sang the anthem of Russia on a match Russia - Albania. Under a pouring rain, got wet to the skin, but from it even more sincere.

Unfortunately, the general public is a little familiar with repertoire of the singer. She hears only executed at the general concerts Grove and Farewell . And Lev Valeryanovich does not seek to popularize the creativity. For it admirers try to do it. One of the fan - the clubs of the singer operating in the Network is called From Leshchenko to Leshchenko . From Pyotr to Lev as if emphasizing link of times and cultural heritage. Mostly young people and girls find archival records, digitize them and spread on the website. In five years of existence the fan - club gathered a quite good collection. The singer of copyright did not declare. Agreed amicably, and now art is available to the people.

On February 1 the singer has a Birthday. He will mark out him a concert in St. Petersburg. Admirers and just listeners will gather. From a scene the same will sound Earth Attraction and Hope . The viewer loves traditional Leshchenko. He wants to hear what he got used to. In the hall all together they are an audience. And at everyone - the song. Elderly syskar will put houses the cartridge in the old tape recorder and Leshchenko`s voice will begin to sound:

If it is necessary, means it is necessary.

Let over the head fly years.

our service as if heart,

of Rest never knows.

Moustached Afghan pomyanyot the died friends under shrill:

The mobster, voditsa give a drink.

the Mobster, let`s get drunk it is sensitive.

Ya so wanted to give to mother

the Cambric scarf.
the fan - club at a difficult moment will support

A of the young member sounding in a MP3 - a player:

Fires will be lit in the distance not soon,

But will rise the new city built in a taiga.

I into frozen soil of a shovel were stuck among winter

by Children and girls, same as we.

U of everyone the song is. For now all of them together, in one hall, the soul is left away by alarm . And let for a long time - long there lives on light this nightingale uniting the creativity of such different people.]