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Who foretold what will be nuclear winter?

the academician Nikita Nikolaevich Moiseyev - the outstanding scientist famous for the fundamental works in the field of applied mathematics died 8 years ago. Its works are devoted the mechanic and the hydrodynamics engineer, to numerical methods in the theory of optimum control, the theory of hierarchical systems, to imitating modeling, design automation, interdisciplinary researches of environmental problems.

Nikita Nikolaevich Moiseyev was born on August 23, 1917 in Moscow in a family of hereditary Russian intellectuals. His father - Nikolay Sergeyevich Moiseyev, privat - the associate professor of the Moscow university, was repressed and died in Butyrsky prison at the beginning of 30 - x years. Mother - the foster daughter of Nikolay Karlovic von Mekk (shot in 1929) whose mother gave financial support to the great Russian composer P. I. Tchaikovsky in due time.

From - for origins Moiseyev`s way to science was difficult. Though he successfully passed entrance examinations, to MSU he was not admitted because of a noble origin and data on the repressed father. Having passed part of examinations without attending lectures, Moiseyev graduates nevertheless mekhmat from MSU in 1941. The same year it was called up for military service and directed to study in Voyenno - air academy of N. E. of Zhukovsky. Upon termination of which in 1942, having gained the diploma of the engineer, Moiseyev was directed to the Volkhov front by the senior technician on service of planes. It served in air units till 1948 when it was demobilized in the captain`s rank.

Since 1948 Nikolay Nikolaevich taught in MVTU of N. E. Bauman at faculty of aviation arms. At the same time it worked in scientific research institute - 2 Ministries of the aviation industry of the USSR where solved problems of calculation of dispersion and processing of results of bench tests of rockets. Further Moiseyev worked in Computer center of Academy of Sciences of the USSR as the head of department of computing methods in hydrodynamics and at the same time taught in Moscow physics - technical institute. In 1955 he was appointed the dean of Aero mechanical faculty of MFTI. And in 10 years organized faculty of management and applied mathematics in MFTI and was his first dean. All this time Moiseyev continues to be engaged in scientific researches actively.

The world popularity was brought to Moiseyev by his calculations of nuclear winter. In 1983 the famous American astronomer Karl Sagan published a number of scenarios of the possible nuclear war caused by an exchange of the thousands megatons nuclear attacks. The hypothesis about " was stated to them; nuclear night which approach is inevitable after the grandiose fires and an enveloping of the planet a soot veil, and about to nuclear winter which will come as the surface of the planet will become inaccessible for a sunlight and will begin to cool down quickly.

Moiseyev`s group in VTs of Academy of Sciences of the USSR had the system of models sufficient for numerical estimates, and the BESM computing system - 6. Americans then could make the analysis of possible dynamics of atmospheric changes only for the first month after an exchange of nuclear attacks, and VTs staff of Academy of Sciences of the USSR could give a picture of the whole year. The made calculations completely confirmed justice of a hypothesis of K. Sagan.

These results rendered such impression on politicians that gave an impetus to the beginning of process of nuclear disarmament. And Moiseyev in the last years of life was engaged in development of philosophical and methodological problems of relationship of the nature and society, emphasizing thought of responsibility of people for destiny of the planet.

Nikita Nikolaevich Moiseyev died on February 29, 2000 after a long illness. He is buried on the Danilovsky cemetery in Moscow.]