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How it is correct to paint hair?

Sometimes the woman wants to make changes to the appearance: to update clothes, to change a hairdress or to recolour hair in other color. In the choice of new clothes we most often address girlfriends or sisters. We ask to create a new hairdress the hairdresser. And here for some reason we consider painting of hair as business intimate and we prefer to do independently, occasionally asking for the help relatives. But, as it became clear during the research conducted by me, it is the best of all to entrust the last point to stylists too.

The cardinal change of a hair color executed independently sometimes can turn back the tragedy. You can receive not that shade, for example, if you are recoloured from the brunette in the blonde. There were cases when women from - for the lack of information turned not in blond Barbie and in pink or zelenovolosy malvin . At worst, someone had to cut off magnificent ringlets and to spread money for treatment of hair and head skin.

Future hair color is influenced by many factors: their structure, paint which constantly used before appearance change, existence of a chemical wave and even an illness. So, for example, paint does not keep if the woman is sick with diabetes. The pregnant women or women who recently received medical treatment for strong medicines will have the same effect also. Same antibiotics.

How to choose paint

- What firm to choose, solve, of course, to you, - the hair stylist Evgenia Marchenko tells. - In general, means for hair-dyeing can be divided on: resistant, or as they are called still, permanent, paints, semi-permanent, or soft, paints and ottenochny means. Any permanent paint supports two dangerous component: ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen. Ammonia damages the top layer of hair, and hydrogen peroxide in a large number overdries them, doing dim, fragile and lifeless. At the choice of paint it is better to give preference of that which does not contain ammonia and has low interest of peroxide of hydrogen.

However ammonia provides deep penetration of dye into structure of a hair. After such coloring hair need special leaving. It is the best of all to wash them with colored hair shampoos. It is desirable to choose shampoo the same firm - producer, as paint. But you should not use them constantly. It is enough to wash the head of 7 - 10 times. Then it is possible to return to habitual shampoo.

Unlike permanent paints, semi-permanent do not contain ammonia. This component in their structure is replaced with other substances. At the expense of their firmness of paint decreases. For the same reason dye is gradually washed away. These paints call sparing as the structure of hair in the course of coloring is broken less.

Soft semi-permanent paints contain a complex of the nutritious and conditioning additives. Therefore it is undesirable to use them for coloring of a gray hair. For example, if on a tube it is written that oil jojoba is added to structure, the gray hair will not be painted over.

I recommend semi-permanent paints to owners of the injured hair which want that their hair shone and had more juicy, intensive shade.

Ottenochny means - the painting shampoos, balms, mousses and skins - contain dyes which keep on a hair surface, without getting deep into. They are very quickly washed away. Ottenochny products do not contain either ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide therefore are absolutely harmless. They approach to refresh color of already dyed hair or to make natural color more saturated.

Alternative to chemical means - natural vegetable paints. Henna which paints hair in red color, and a basm - in black. They are recommended to be used that who has an allergy to a chemical composition of paint or a fine brittle hair.

- If you choose paint, - Evgenia continues, - surely study the instruction. Producers write how many approximately it has to hold on on hair. I want to warn. Do not buy it in the markets. In - the first, can palm off on you a fake which will only spoil hair. In - the second, paint can be exposed to frost or, on the contrary, overheated by sun beams. The cold and a heat spoil structure. Therefore it can turn out so that the hair color will be absolutely unwanted.

Female cunnings

If all of you decided to change the shape cardinally, keep in mind that on the decoloured hair do not stick red and red to tone. They will be washed away literally within a week. Natural tone (for example, fair-haired) also in a month will lose color.

If you long time dyed hair in black color (especially basmy), then in one day the blonde will not become. Ringlets can become as red, and bolotno - green.

After decolouration it is better - to use week another transparent or white shampoos. As blue or green dye of detergent can serve bad service and turn you into the mermaid or to a malvin .

If you are painted in salon, surely tell the master what paint used within half a year. It will save you from undesirable or unexpected result.

If your hair were painted by henna, clarify them with care. The matter is that hydrogen peroxide, destroying your natural pigment, does not touch henna dye. Therefore there is a risk to receive hair of color of orange. It is better to make up the hair processed by henna with chestnut shades. By the way, some firms do not recommend to use their production on the hair painted by henna.

And to be convinced of safety of paint for your head skin, it is better to carry out the special sensitivity test before coloring. For this purpose apply a small amount of structure on internal part of a bend of an elbow for 24 hours. If during this time there is no itch, reddening, burning, then paint is safe for use.

It is impossible to apply dye at injuries of head skin, for example, grazes or scratches at all. Inadmissibly also use of a hair-dye for coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows.

When you select paint for albums with samples of locks, you remember that they are made of synthetic threads which have a structure not such difficult as at the real hair, their color not so depends on lighting. The natural hair painted in the chosen dark color at a daylight will look more dark and opaque. And under electric will give a reddish shade.

It is better to apply paint on dirty hair because modern shampoos contain special substances which protect hair from harmful effects. These substances also prevent paint to get into depth of a hair. And one more reason: the layer of skin fat protects head skin from paint influence. Shampoo destroys this layer, and paint can cause irritation of skin.

Hit of a hair-dye on face skin can be avoided if before coloring to grease ears and face contours with fat cream.]