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How to help the kid to learn to write beautifully?

of Mother and the father often are surprised why it is their kid writes in chicken-scratch at - that parents handwriting not too bad at all. And on sale now handles of any forms and the sizes, flowers and even smells, and copy-books at school colourful, generally, are everything for convenience of training in the letter. Only result from this any.

In pre-revolutionary Russia kids went to school from 9 - 10 years. Now you will surprise nobody with the first grader to whom nearly six . Of course, the world changes and rate of life of last centuries is already absolutely unacceptable. However, it is necessary to notice that the training program is from year to year harder and harder, and our kids become healthier not.

All this is explained by what already from preparatory group of kindergarten of future school students is tried to be brought to the letter level demanded by school. Further the kid, getting in the advanced class it is forced to try to keep step with other children. Here not to quality of the letter - to cope with quantity!

Remember if you want to develop equal handwriting at your child, then begin to care for it in advance. Considering complexity of modern school programs, begin to prepare a hand of the kid for the letter years from five.

First of all, be adjusted on the indulgent attitude towards your child, from the beginning pupil the patience and accuracy is required, and to it to the baby to be active a feather as difficult as to the woodcutter the " chiansaw; Friendship .

It is also necessary to be convinced of readiness of the kid to take the handle in hand: visual acuity and fortress of the leading hand by the beginning of training in the letter already have to conform to requirements, but not be corrected in process. The known fact - to teach not easy, and it is almost impossible to retrain.

With sight diagnostics - everything is clear, and here it is necessary to dwell upon training of a hand. For strengthening of fingers and hands, i.e. for development of small motility, it is possible to use the following exercises.

Teach the kid to use scissors. For a start let cuts out large and quite simple details, for example, geometrical figures. Gradually complicate a task: details more difficult and less by the size. Make application of the cut-out figures. Remember safety measures!

Drawing. At five-year age children it is enough - not bad draw, shading - an excellent way to strengthen a hand. Spare no expense for books - a coloring, let paints in the pleasure, combining business with pleasure.

Drawing from dictation. For this purpose the leaf in a section and a pencil is required. Put a starting point to a leaf, the child draws further, and you dictate: 1 cage to the left, 1 cage obliquely to the left and up, 2 cages down, 1 to the left, 1 obliquely to the left and up, 3 down, 1 to the right, 1 up, 1 to the right, 1 down, 1 to the right, 2 up, 1 to the right, 1 up. The doggie has to turn out. For a start, perhaps, this difficult exercise, think up a figure more simply. This exercise not only develops small motility, but also teaches the kid to be guided on a sheet of paper.

Threading of beads on a scaffold, drawing up drawings of small multi-colored buttons or a mosaic and even the help in shuffle of buckwheat - all this requires from the child of assiduity, attention and tension of fingers of hands.

Moulding. Work with plasticine not only strengthens hands of the kid, it and a peculiar massage for fingers and palms.

the Final and most important stage. It is important to watch that the child did not overtire and learned to relax: after each hyphen it is necessary to take a breath and an exhalation, to weaken a handle grasp. can pass Only then

to direct writing of letters, at first step-by-step (everyone stick and hook are written with pronunciation for bigger judgment).

Do not forget, however, that the fatigue to the kid can come after five-minute occupation by a calligraphy. At the same time the child complaining of fatigue of a hand shows even not so much on crumpled and numb fingers how many on forearm muscles. In this case the hand needs to be warmed up surely.

Best of all massage will help.

Stroking, pat of the back of a forearm in the direction from an elbow bend to a wrist;

Capture of a muscle of the massed zone the pinching from time to time movement big and index fingers with gradual shift to a wrist and increase in force of pressing;

the Cutting movements by a palm edge across forearm muscles at fast rhythmical speed.

I the, perhaps, main condition of finding by the child of good handwriting - psychological comfort during training. It is necessary to compare achievements of the kid not to progress of other children, and to his own former works.

Most often dirty in copy-books and notebooks happens at children emotional, restless, impulsive. And it is difficult for such kids to explain, than are bad which - as the written sticks. Sincere and physical forces it spent by no means not less, or perhaps and more, than his diligent neighbor in a school desk. Therefore the criticism of its efforts will be taken very painfully, and comparison of its work with works of other children, can finish in general to the full to be trained in the letter.

And if your kid speaks Nothing is impossible To me! - it is, most likely, a call for help, but not desire to hear So what do you do not try! All the matter is that he, just - tries, but does not feel productivity of occupations. Therefore written works at first need to be performed together with the child, without vanity and haste. Principle Better less, but of higher quality it is especially pertinent in calligraphy.

Believe, productivity from such technique is much higher, than inaccurate repeated repetition for show .]